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Schwartz & Heller — Jo-Burg Bar

Housing the Bar Fixtures From the Famous Northern Saloon in Goldfield, Nevada, this Was One Of the New Buildings In Johannesburg Built During the Silver Boom. -- Rand District News, June 7, 1922, -- Collection of Kern County Museum

This advertisement, which appeared in the 7 June 1922 edition of the Rand District News, raises questions that have now been answered.  Where was the new Hotel?  It was on the south west corner of Buluwago and St. Elmo. Is this the bar that the fixtures from Tex Rickard’s famous saloon, the Northern in Goldfield Nevada, were shipped to in 1922, according to the Randsburg paper?  Yes it was.  The June 14Th edition of the paper stated in it’s “Round Of Shots” column that “One of the livest (sic) spots in Johannesburg is the Jo-Burg Bar.  As mentioned last week this place has “Tex” Rickert(‘s) old fixtures from Goldfield which attract many curious ones, but the Swartz-Heller team of proprietors were either constant patronizers (sic) of Kolb & Gill before they came here or they are secretly employing a troupe of “cooties” to run over the short ribs of visitors, for no matter how serious you may want to be or how deep the grouch you can’s stick around there long without getting a laugh out of you system.”  1 

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