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October 7, 1899: “A BETTER ROAD Is Needed Over the Hill to Johannesburg—About two years ago the honorable board of supervisors paid a visit to Randsburg to ascertain what the people of this camp most needed.  A mass  meeting was held and addresses were made and the different members of the board explained how the county money was apportioned, etc.

The sense of that meeting was that the county road should run along Butte avenue to Fiddler’s Gulch, thence up the gulch and out to the Black Hawk mines, and the other road to Johannesburg, should be over the road built by the Johannesburg Water and Milling Company.

Many residents, especially those that have to travel by teams, are under the impression that the road over Gold Hill is a county road, and are always thinking and saying bad things against the board of supervisors for not fixing it up.  So you see that it rests with the business men, as well  as the stage and freight men to take it on themselves to see that it is bettered.

In the earliest days, some years ago, over eight hundred dollars was expended in laying out a direct road to Garlock.  The representative men here at that time petitioned that this should be laid out.

From a long distance it is  a pretty thing to look at, but woe to the driver who attempts to cross over by  it.  The county’s representatives get many a big cussing for that piece of work.” –Randsburg Miner

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