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A. K. Cambell – 


This Place Like the Joburg-Bar Was Located Across From the "New Hotel" In Johannesburg, Which Was Never Completed. One wonders if this hotel had been brought to completion would the main street of Johannesburg be Buluwago Ave? -- Rand District News, Juen 14, 1922. -- RDM

The Rand District news reported in June of 1922 that ” A. K. Campbell, a restaurant Man of experience said to himself, there are going to be a lot of hungry people around Johannesburg.  That new hotel won’t feed them all, so I’m going to set up right across the street from the front door.  He did, and today he’s open for business and he’s going to get just what he started after because he had the foresight and the courage to be a pioneer.”  





Jo-Burg Cafe – 

"The Girls Place" Does this mean I have to scrape my feet and wash up before coming in? -Rand District News June 14, 1922 -- RDM

Jene 14, 1922:  ” Other new businesses opened in the Johannesburg town site included, an up to date restaurant owned and operated by two pleasant and agreeable ladies.  The Jo-Burg Cafe with the Misses I. B. Potter and P. M. Brown catering to the public , is a delightful little restaurant and their many customers speak well for the young ladies as managers.”  This advertisement found in the 14 June 1922 edition of the Rand District News.  2

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