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Table of Contents—Miscellaneous, Fremont Valley Land Company, Delta Land Company, Santa Ana Sugar Beet Company, Post Office.


April 2, 1915:  “NEURALIA IS NOW CONNECTED with all sections of the country by The Interstate Telegraph Co., has recently run the wires in and installed a station at the company’s office. ” –Mojave Press

May 28, 1915:  “THE CHIEF SAYS there’s no clew to the burglar who helped himself to S. G. Southgate’s silk socks, diamond stud, and gold fountain pen. ” –Mojave Press


August 14, 1914: “JUST OUT OF MOJAVE, a few minutes ride to the northeast, sheltered by the Sierra Nevada, El Paso and Rand Mountains – surrounded on all sides—lies Fremont Valley, claimed to be the richest land in California.  There’s 100,000 acres there, awaiting development.  The soil is a sandy loam, which will produce any and all kinds of crops.  It is 2,500 feet above sea level, having an ideal climate.  Water in the mountains and under the ground.

The development of this great tract of land so near Mojave means more business for Mojave means more business for Mojave as well as success for those entering the new country.  A strong company is now behind the development work there—Fremont Valley Land and Water Co.  Their proposition is to develop water as a first point.  The water has been proven.  They will continue until a plentiful supply is had.  Then nothing can stop the rapid settlement of the valley.  It will be the making of Mojave, as well as the valley at its door.

The company has the drilling machinery on the ground and active work was commenced Wednesday.  Their progress will be watched with interest.” –Mojave Press

April 22, 1914: WATER COMPANY INCORPORATES—Articles of Incorporation of the Fremont Valley Land and Water Company were filed this morning with the principal place of business at Los Angeles.

It is the purpose of the company to  buy and sell real estate and development and to a general brokerage business

The capital stock of the corporation is 100,000 shares of the par value of $1.00.

The five directors, W. E. Blake, W. R. Little, Henry V.

April 23, 1914: “ARTICLES FILED, Fremont Valley Land & Water Company incorporators W. E. Blake, W. – Little, Henry V. Wall, William Boanstock, and J. W Blake: capital stock $300,000; principal place of business, 1403 Central Building.” –Bakersfield Morning Echo

August 28, 1914:  “L. W. WHITE AND J. W.  CHASTAIN entertained H. H. Stacey and A. J. Beckley at dinner Sunday. Mr. White, the chief cook, served one of the up-to-date meals of the Neuralia Hotel, which was greatly enjoyed.” –Mojave Press

November 13, 1914:  “CARL IVERSON is clearing a section of land for Mr. Hicks, president of the company.  He operates a sixty-horsepower tractor with five rails cabled together. ” –Mojave Press

November 13, 1914:  “THE CEMENT FOUNDATION for the company’s new hotel is finished and two small houses will be erected at  once, one for Mr. Hawkins, who  will have Mrs. Hawkins come out in a couple of weeks to keep house  for him.  This will relieve the crowded condition of Hotel Hammond. ” –Mojave Press

November 16, 1914:  “MESSRS. HAWKES, MORROW AND HAMMOND are working on the construction of the company’s new office building and hotel.  The ground is prepared and the lumber and materials are being unloaded; also some water pipe which will be laid to conduct water from a well nearby. ” –Mojave Press

November 18, 1914:  “DEVELOPMENT WORK IS GOING STEADILY IN FREMONT VALLEY –Development work is progressing steadily and new settlers are coming in and buying land according to the Fremont Valley News, a paper published in the interest of the great project involving the colonization of 100,000 acres of land under way and a string of 40 wells are planned for the colony irrigation system.  A new hotel is in course of construction at Neuralia, destined to be the center of the agricultural development on this part of the desert.

LOS ANGELES BOOSTERS –The Fremont Valley is being settled up with southern California men largely although a number of investors from San Joaquin Valley points have purchased land.  Round trip excursions are run from Los Angeles to Neuralia at the rate of $4.05.” –Bakersfield Morning Echo

January 8, 1915:  “THE  LAND COMPANY’S NEW HEADQUARTERS building will be completed this week.  Some cement work still remains to be done on this writing. ” –Mojave Press

January 8, 1915:  “AFTER THE COMPLETION of the headquarters, Mr. Hawkes will build a large  chicken house for one of the ranchers here. ” –Mojave Press

March 12, 1915:  “PHIL HOLMES has taken the position of chauffeur and repairman for the Fremont Valley Land and Water Company with a side line as barber n the Hotel de Hammond.  The genial proprietor and buckaroo, Clarence Hammond, was the first victim in the chair. ” –Mojave Press

March 12, 1915:  “VICTOR ANDERSON has planted an orchard of young fruit trees for the land company. ” –Mojave Press

March 26, 1915:  “FRANK BAKER AND PHIL HOLMES have been repairing the company’s auto. ” –Mojave Press

March 26, 1915:  “MR. NEWENHAM has had the company’s pump taken from the well and the old gaskets have been replaced with new ones.  The pump is now giving good service. ” –Mojave Press

March 26, 1915:  “PRESIDENT MANNS OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Bluefields Va., who was a business visitor here recently, has taken a large block of stock in the Fremont Valley Land and Water Company. ” –Mojave Press

March 26, 1915:  “THE COMPANY IS RAISING the town water tank, to give better service to the residents. ” –Mojave Press

April 2, 1915:  “THE FREMONT VALLEY LAND CO., will start at once to drill more water wells near Cinco. ” –Mojave Press

April 9, 1915:  “WM. HICKS, PRESIDENT  of the Fremont Valley Land Co., paid a visit here last Friday. ” –Mojave Press

May 14, 1915: “FRANK BAKER IS NOW ASSISTANT POSTMASTER at Neuralia, and W. J. Newenham took the position of hotel keeper Saturday. ” –Mojave Press

May 28, 1915:  “HENRY V. WALL came up from  the city Tuesday with some prospective buyers of land. ” –Mojave Press

May 28, 1915:  “THE NEW LANDLORD of the Neuralia Hotel is kept quite busy of late. ” –Mojave Press

June 4, 1915:  “WM. HICKS, PRESIDENT of the Fremont Valley Land & Water Co. came up Sunday in his Chalmers 6 and spent the day at the Hotel Neuralia.  Holmes & Holmes were also callers at the hotel where chicken dinner was served. ” –Mojave Press

July 16, 1915: “J. C. HAWKES HAS TRADED his place here too the Fremont Valley Land Co., taking a Maxwell auto as part of the deal.  Phil Holmes delivered the car in Los Angeles Friday, Clarence Hammond acting as chief mechanic on the trip. ” –Mojave Press

June 18, 1915:  “LLOYD WHITE SAYS THAT that W. E. Gantt who has recently been taking astronomical observations at the Oasis Hotel, has discovered a star of the first magnitude.  As time goes on and further observations are taken, interest in this particular star seems to become more intense. ” –Mojave Press

July 30, 1915:  “STEVE ARMSTRONG, who recently arrived at Neuralia to take up residence on his homestead, was compelled to sleep in his car on account of the overcrowded condition of the Hotel Oasis, or for some cause having a similar effect.  His homestead is the southwest quarter of section 2, township 33-37. ” –Mojave Press

April 14, 1916:  “NEURALIA NOTES –Hotel Oasis had twenty guests one night last week.  They were tourist’s enroute from Los Angeles to Nevada. ” –Mojave Press

March 24, 1916:  “NEURALIA NOTES—A general clean-up is being made in and around Hotel Oasis.  It is rumored that the property of J. H. Hicks, where the post office is located, will undergo the same process, including an overhauling of the pumping plant.  This work is certainly commendable, and if every homesteader and rancher will keep his place neat and orderly it will go a long way toward helping the country.

Mrs.  Thomas of Hotel Oasis, left for Los Angeles on business Monday, Miss Rebecca Thomas will remain at the hotel a few more weeks. ” –Mojave Press


January 22, 1916: “SHIP BIG TANK –The Western Pipe and Steel Company last week shipped from Bakersfield to P.J. Shannon of the Delta Land Company at Neuralia, a 15,000 gallon corrugated iron water tank which will be erected by men from the Western’s Los Angeles office.” –Bakersfield Californian


February 18, 1916–  “DEVELOPING LAND FOR SUGAR BEETS  —  A. J. Cruikshank, president of the First National Bank of Santa Ana, with his brother Clarence, were here a few days last week arranging for development work to be done on the tract of land recently purchased from the Fremont Land & Water co.—nearly 6000 acres.  They were accompanied by Henry V. Wall and John M. McCabe, of the Land Co., and after completing their arrangements all returned to Los Angeles Saturday Afternoon.

After a thorough investigation of conditions in Fremont Valley the Beat Sugar Co., bought nearly 6,000 acres for better than $47 per acre, with the intention of planting it to beats.  They have given J. G. Blaylock contract to build four miles of roads, test out ten acres with beats, and make other big improvements on this land that is now withdrawn from the market.

If the test proves successful as expected, about 3,999 acres will be planted next year.  Then the erection of a mill will be considered.  This will cause a considerable rise in land values in the country surrounding Mojave.  The fact that a sale was made was mentioned two weeks ago in the Press, but details could not be had at that time. ” –Mojave Press

February 26, 1916:  “CANTIL LIVE WIRESAfter a week’s stay in the valley, arranging for the building of roads, leveling and cleaning of a section and other matters relative to the county’s interests, Mr. Crookshank returned to Santa Ana Wednesday.” –Mojave Press

March 22, 1916:  “AT NEURALIA A SANTA ANA COMPANY has secured 57oo acres of land with the intention of raising sugar beets.  This season a four-acre patch of sugar beets is being raised experimentally on the land. ” –Bakersfield Californian

December 19, 1916: “BEET SUGAR LAND  AT MOJAVE—The Crookshank’s are still building on their beet sugar land near Cantil and now have a ranch foreman’s house, two houses for the teamsters, a blacksmith shop, a bunkhouse  just completed  and a  large barn.  The frame work is up for the tank house, and the next to be constructed will be a garage.  The third 12-inch well is down to a depth of 3i90 feet.  A. J. Crookshank drove up Tuesday to inspect the well.” – Bakersfield Morning Echo

APRIL 13, 1916:  “CROOKSHANK BROTHERS AND JACKSON spent last week here superintending the work of dividing the 5500 acre tract of the Santa Ana Beat Sugar Company.  The surveyors are making their headquarters at C. H. Keniston’s place. ” –Bakersfield Morning Echo” –Bakersfield Morning Echo


March 17, 1914: “WHITE IS NEURALIA POSTMASTER –Marcus B. White has been appointed postmaster at Neuralia, Kern County.  The appointment took place March 5.  Neuralia is the new hustling town in Fremont valley, eight miles northeast of Mojave on the California & Nevada railroad and at present is the center of great activity.  The new office will accommodate a rapidly growing section as settlers are locating between Mojave and Neuralia daily, now that is has been demonstrated that water is accessible.” –Bakersfield Californian

March 28, 1914:  “NEW POSTOFFICE IN KERN COUNTY –Washington, March 27,—New post office has been established at Neuralia, Kern County and Marcus B. White has been appointed the postmaster.” –Bakersfield Morning Echo

August 28, 1914:  “THE NEURALIA MAIL is increasing rapidly in volume.  A few days ago the weight of it was eighty-five pounds. ” –Mojave Press

May 14, 1915: “FRANK BAKER IS NOW ASSISTANT POSTMASTER at Neuralia, and W. J. Newenham took the position of hotel keeper Saturday. ” –Mojave Press

March 26, 1915:  “POSTMASTER NEWENHAM and daughter, Miss Madge, Clarence Hammond and Mrs. Southgate, of Hotel Neuralia, were in Mojave Wednesday.  They met Miss I. Newenham on her arrival home from a visit of several weeks with her sister in Los Angeles, Mrs. Hicks. ” –Mojave Press

April 2, 1915:  “PHIL HOLMES HAS BEEN BUSY lately irrigating the fruit trees around the post office.  He says the trees are looking well and will be sure to grow rapidly this spring.  In addition to his knowledge of the poultry business he is a horticulturist. ” –Mojave Press

May 28, 1915:  “GAS AND OIL for sale at the Post Office. ” –Mojave Press

June 18, 1915:  “IT IS STATED THAT A RURAL MAIL ROUTE is practically established between Neuralia and Cinco with a young lady rider as carrier.” –Mojave Press

April 28, 1916:  “POST OFFICE AT NEURALIA TO BE DISCONTINUED—Post Master Haese has received the following notice from Washington:

The post office named below will be discontinued on the date mentioned. You will make known to all interested persons the fact of the discontinuance of the office, and receive, deliver, and account for the mails addressed to it.

First Assistant

Post Office: Neuralia, Kern Co. Cal.

Date of discontinuance:  May 15, 1916

” –Mojave Press

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