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June 3, 1912; “STOCK TRAIN MAKES A RECORD VALLEY RUN.  A stock special consisting of forty cars of stock made a record run over the San Joaquin division yesterday.  The stock was loaded at Cantil and Mojave by L. V. Olcese and made the run between the latter point and this city in 2 hours and 30 minutes.  Following a five-minute stop at Bakersfield yards, the train proceeded to Fresno, making the run in 3 hours and 25 minutes.”  Bakersfield Morning Echo

July 20, 1915:  “A GANG OF MEN are now fitting up a loading rack at Neuralia for the Western Metals Company antimony mine shipments.  Trains will start hauling the ore from the mine next Monday.” –Bakersfield Californian

May 23, 1915: “STOCK SHIPMENTS ON THE SAN JOAQUIN DIVISION yesterday included six cars from Tulare for Los Angeles the shipment being made north to Oakland and south over the Coast Route.  Other shipments were six cars from Lokern, the Miller and Lux Ranch; six cars from Famosa, the Kern County Land Co., ranch for San Francisco.  Five cars from Cantil; six cars from Mojave for Los Angeles, the latter two being stations, south of the hill are not affected by the tunnel trouble.”  Bakersfield Morning Echo

May 27, 1915: “S. P. BREVITIES—Cantil loaded five cars of stock yesterday for Los Angeles.” Bakersfield Morning Echo

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