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"Take Me Out To The Ballgame."


Johannesburg Baseball Players at July 4th Celebration 1914 -- S.V.H.S.

Baseball, America’s favorite sportwas played in all towns in America. Before the advent of television it was one of the major sources of entertainment for all residents. Each small town had their own team and if the population of the town dwindled so that a town could not field a team it would combine with another town, as did Randsburg and Johannesburg in the 1920’s. This sport was taken so seriously by the towns that they would get businesses such as the mines to offer employment to players in other towns in order to get that player to play for the home town team.

Glenn Lindsey who was born in Red Mountain in 1931 remembers that as a young man in the late 40′ playing ball against Trona, China Lake, Mojave etc. at a field in Johannesburg in the location on which the community building now sets.

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