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"Unless all surface indications fail, they have a notable piece of mining property.” — The Californian

This Is A Test

August 5, 1922: “AT RANDSBURG,  Kern County, Calif., active work is going on in thirty-five shafts, according to the U. S. Geological Survey.  The Yellow Aster is using diamond drills in prospecting its ground.  Twenty stamps of the mill are dropping. There has been excitement over a strike in the Mizpah mine, near Johannesburg.”  — Engineering and Mining Journal Press

March, 1925:  THE YELLOW ASTER MINE, the oldest mine and one of the three large producers of the Randsburg Quadrangle, lies in the quartz monzonite schist conplex near the top of the Rand Mountains, just south or Randsburg.

The property is owned by the Yellow Aster Mining and Milling Company whose head office is in Los Angeles.  No mining has been done by the company for approximately six years, though some ore has been extracted during this period by leasers.  At the time of the writer’s visit in January 1924, six leases were being worked in the mine, two men composing the party working each lease.  Leases within the mine are given on the basis of a 50 per cent royalty, the company furnishing tools and air, the leasers furnishing their own powder and loading the ore on cars.  — Hulin

1990s: THE MINE WAS RE-OPENED by the Glamis Gold, Ltd. Corporation who worked out the whole ore body by open pit, heap leaching methods.  Both the Baltic and Lamont properties, in the Stringer District directly to the South, were included.  The average gold content of the ore processed was .002 ounces to the ton (?).

“GLAMIS GOLD, LTD. was a Reno, Nevada based gold producer with operations in the Americas. In 2006 they expected to produce 620,000 ounces of gold at a total cash cost of US$190 per ounce. They remained 100% unhedged.

August 31, 2006: Goldcorp acquired Glamis Gold for $8.6 billion USD, creating one of the world’s largest gold mining companies with combined assets of $21.3 billion USD [1]. The takeover was completed in November 2006.”  - Wikipedia

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