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Mattie Mine in 1898 -- Photo from McPherson's History of The Rand Mining District

 January 20, 1897:  “SOUTH OF THE BUTTE almost a mile and a half, is the Mattie mine, owned by S. C. Wilkinson.  Since June last, when he located the mine, he has taken out $1300 and has done all the work himself except about $100 paid for outside help.  In sinking a shaft forty eight feet, six feet square, he took out eleven tons of ore which milled $40 per ton. The ore vein is about ten inches. .”  — Los Angeles Times

January 24, 1897:  “A PARTY COSISTING OF G. W. Chrisman, Leon Cerf, James Daly, and E. E. S. Hall of Ventura, G. L. Chamberlain, Mr. Forbes and the writer (C. J. McDivitt) of Randsburg, started out southwest yesterday to see the mines. The first one visited, was the Mattie, Mr. Wilkinson the owner and three men were at work and had quite a pile of sacks on the dump. .”  – Los Angeles Times

March 18, 1897:  “THE MATTIE MINE owned by S. C. Wilkinson, southwest of Randsburg, in the stringer district, has recently been bonded for $10,000.  This is a good property, and although the vein is only about ten inches wide, it is very rich and Mr. Wilkinson has taken out a great deal of money since last June.”  – Los Angeles Daily Times

September 11, 1897:  “ABOUT A MONTH AGO Mr. Scott (see Merced Mine) bonded and leased the Mattie mine, and immediately commenced work on it.  It is situated about 1500 feet from the Merced mine.  They are already down 116 feet in the Mattie, and as soon as they get down 120 feet they will begin drifting.  Six men are employed on this mine and there are about 120 sacks of ore on the dump.  S. Atkinson is superintendent of the Mattie.”  – Los Angeles Daily Times

March 1898:  “ANOTHER OF THE FORTUNATE MINERS of Southern California’s greatest gold camp is Mr. S. C. Wilkinson, the owner of the Mattie. Mr. Wilkinson arrived in camp on a prospecting trip in March 1896, and is the original locator of the claim he has since worked successfully.  His family arrived in June of the same year.  Mr. Wilkinson is one of the enterprising men of the district, and a leading spirit in all that tends to the welfare of the community in which he lives.

The mine has been opened up by shafts and drifts and has produced to date upward of $6,000.  Most of the work has done by Mr. Wilkinson and his sons.  Like others in the section in which he is located, the Mattie has paid its way at all times, and is now one of the permanent dividend payers of the district.

Some of the coarsest gold yet found has been taken from the Mattie, some pieces being as large as ordinary c0ffee grain.  All ore so far mines has been taken from the shafts and drifts, no stoping having as yet been done.  The mine has a system of parallel veins, and it is confidently believed that depth will fine them joined in one vein of large size.

The Mattie is surrounded by good mines and should reward the energies of its owner for many years to come. 

It is located in what is known as the Stringer district about three miles south of the town of Randsburg, and as shown by the map is south of the great Yellow Aster Company’s mines, and there is now doubt that it is on the same belt, for many of the mines near it have attained considerable depth and paid their owners large sums of money.  It is only a few hundred feet from the Napoleon, Winnie, Gold Coin, Merced, G. B., Sunshine, and many others from which large sums of money have been taken.  It will be a surprise to those who are acquainted with the property if it does not prove to be one of the best mines in the district. .” – McPherson

November 15, 1902:  “MATTIE—This claim in the Stringer District has been leased and bonded by Wilkinson Brothers to Los Angeles men.” – The Engineering and Mining Journal

 June 27, 1903:  The Mattie mine was closed down last night pending the arrival of air pipes from Los Angeles, the air in the mine being so bad that the men were, unable to fire the shots and candles refused to burn.” – San Francisco Call

July 11, 1903:  “MERTON MINING COMPANY —This company, at Randsburg has closed down its property, owing to the miners’ strike.  The Mattie has also closed down.” – The Engineering and Mining Journal

July 25, 1903:  “C. TAYLOR, S. TYLER, and F. ROSE have a lease on the Mattie mine and are stoping on the 165-foot level and running a drift on the 120-foot level.”  — Mining and Scientific Press

August 29, 1903:  “G. A. FUDICKAR, of the Mattie mine, has suspended operations until cool weather. .”  — Mining and Scientific Press

June 18, 1904:  “NOTICE OF NON RESPONSIBILITY filed by G. A. Fudickar for expenses of the Mattie mine.”  — Randsburg Miner

January 1904:LOCATED in section 2, T30, R40, near Randsburg, Developed by a 220 foot vertical shaft, two incline shafts of 60 and 150 feet, and 500 feet of drifts.  Owned by Mr. Fudickar of Los Angeles.  – Aubrey

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