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January 26, 1897: “The best water now obtainable in Randsburg is piped in from the Skilllng’s well, which now furnishes one inch. The price is 4 cents a gallon in any quantity.” – The Herald

January 26, 1897: “The well which Superintendent John Donalr and Mr. Francis are engaged in sinking at the half-way point on the route from this place (Garlock)  to Randsburg has reached a depth of over 100 feet. Up to Saturday they had not tapped the water strata.” – The Herald

February 13, 1898:  “The Randsburg Water Company, with all capital stock of $100,000, all subscribed for, was incorporated in Fresno early this week. Alva E. Snow, L L. Cory, W. C. Colson, O. L. Everts, Goorge W. Jones and D. S. Ewlhg are the incorporators, and all but the last named constitute the board of directors. The company owns the Squaw Springs’ wells, four and a half miles east of Johannesburg, from which a daily flow of five miners’ inches of water has already been secured. This, so water experts say, can be doubled with but little more development of the wells. The company will excavate a reservoir at the top of the mountain back of the wells, and at a height sufficient to carry the water over the King Solomon divide by gravity into Randsburg. The water will be pumped into the reservoir from the wells, and two or more pumps and engines will be required to do the work. As a natural sequence to this enterprise, more substantial buildings will be built in Randsburg, as there will then be all the protection necessary from the ravages of fire. It is more than likely, too, that as soon as the system is completed a ten or twenty stamp gold mill will be under way.” – The Herald

September 27, 1899:  “The following articles of incorporation have been filed at the office of the Secretary of State: The Randsburg Water Company .Principal place of business, Johannesburg. Directors—H A Darling, A. E. Snow, L. L. Cory, H. D. Colson and G.H. Curtis. Capital stock, $100,000; subscribed, $6.” – The Record Union

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