Survey number: #12345     Owner: Frank Furter     Date of discovery: December 12, 1889
"___pounding away day and night and giving good satisfaction'


Parker Mill Site, 2011, (View: S), King Solomon Mine and the 1890s water tower in the background. The depression at the center is all that remains to mark the site. Layers of Caliche (sp?) at the lower right mark the edge of the excavation, the original contour obscured with erosional in-fill. The stamp mill would have be mounted to a timber frame, set in the hole so ore can be delivered by wagon from up-slope. The frame would have been hauled off with the milling equipment when moved (to the Sunshine Mine in 1904). Traces of mill tailings decorate the slope below, along with an assortment of artifacts. - William J. Warren © 2011

May 19, 1900: “PARKER has started his own mill and is doing good work.”  –  Randsburg Miner

June 19, 1900: “THE LITTLE 3-STAMP MILL of Parker’s is pounding away day and night and giving good satisfaction.  Just now they are at work on a 50 ton lot from the Annex mine for Messrs. Mongomery and Mcginnis.”  -  Randsburg Miner

July14, 1900: “WYNN BOYS milling 20 tons at Parker’s mill.”  -  Randsburg Miner

April, 2, 1904: “J. R. PARKER and his son F. L. Parker left for Los Angeles Wednesday.  They will be gone for several weeks.”  -  Randsburg Miner


Broken & burned fragments of fire brick, 2011. The pile of discarded and spent brick is evidence of a fire-assay kiln, consistent with the basic function of the mill, or 'reduction works', located just SE, 10' from the mill excavation. - William J. Warren © 2011

June ___, 1904: “J. R. PARKER, owner of the cyanide plant on the hill between Randsburg and Johannesburg, returned the latter part of the week from a business trip to the outside world.”  –  Randsburg Miner

July 2, 1904: “THE PARKER MILL, owned by T. W. Atkinson was taken down and moved over to the Sunshine.  The mill will be erected and the hauling of ore avoided.”  –  Randsburg Miner

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