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January 2, 1898:  “JOHANNESBURG’S VICTORY. Defeats Randsburg’s Brawny Men in a New Year’s Football Game.  RANDSBURG, Jan. I. — The game of football between Randsburg and Johannesburg to-day -was a most exciting contest. Twenty players from each camp took part. The kick-off was from the divide of Gold Hill and was won by Randsburg. Just as the ball was headed for Johannesburg, the ball was fouled by one of the local players. Captain Archer of the Johannesburg steadied his men and in five minutes had the ball over the divide and flying toward the goal, located three-quarters of a mile away. In twenty minutes it was landed in the heart of this camp, when the real work commenced in earnest. Never was a game fought harder on the gridiron than this one. For twenty-five minutes the ball was kept in a space of 300 feet on Butte Avenue.  Backward and forward the ball was kept moving. In the end Randsburg’s players yielded to the superior skill and experience of their opponents.”  — San Francisco Call

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