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June 1, 1898:  “LAST SUNDAY, May 22nd, the Rand people shut off the supply of ore to the Henry Mill and also the Hughes Mill, throwing about forty men out of employment. It is rumored that the ore is hereafter to be milled at Barstow.

The Visalia Mill is still running on Rand ore, but the supply may stop at any time.

 A 30-horse power boiler and engine has been placed in the Moxon Mill, and the 25-horsepower engine has been removed.”  — Mining And Metallurgical Journal 

June 16, 1898:    “THE YELLOW ASTER COMPANY have brought suit against the Henry Milling company of Garlock to recover 3000 tons of tailings and $5000 damages; also the same company have brought suit against J. B. Hughes, mill man of Garlock, to recover 4000 tons of tailings and $5000 damages.” – The Herald

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