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September 5, 1896:  “The new Tremain stamp mill out at Garlock started up on Wednesday.” – The Californian

October 8, 1896:  “Edward McKiernan, son of J. M. McKiernan of the Tremain steam stamp mill, has gone back to Porterville to attend school.” – The Californian

September 11, 1897: ” This group of mines, consisting of the Yorkshire Lass, Skookum, Superior, and Spokane, belong to Harry F. Parker and W. B. McConnell of Randsburg.  The Yorkshire Lass adjoins the Hard Cash mine to the west of town.  The ledge in this mine is fully thirty feet wide, the ore from which averages $10 per ton, and is free milling.  A double compartment shaft is being put down on the ledge.  A double compartment shaft is also being put down in the Skookum, and is already down fifty feet on a ledge of ore from seven to nine feet wide.  At the bottom of this shaft they have run a drift into the hill about sixyy feet, and are now working in ten-foot ore, taking out enough of it to keep two ten-stamp mills at Garlock supplied.  The ore is hoisted in a car to the bin, from which it is run down a chute to the wagons.  The owners of these mines have purchased the McKinnon Mill at Garlock, which has a capacity of twenty-five tons a day, and are keeping it continuouly running on their own ore.  At the present time they are employing twenty-five men at the mine and mill.” — Los Angeles Daily Times

MENTIONED IN BOTH Paul Hubbard’s book Garlock Memories, and Roberta Starry’s book Gold Gamble.  No dates of operation or other information given..  Possibly one of the other mill’s bought out by McKernan.

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