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August 23, 1897: “MR. D. G. WEBB OF THE HARD CASH MINES, about 5 miles west of town returned yesterday from a business trip to Los Angeles. C. A. Harney, the other partner in the same group of mines, has been quite ill for some days, but is now improving. Webb and Harney have made up their minds to erect a mill of their own somewhere between their mine and Garlock. Mr. Huntington, the manufacturer of the Huntington Rotary Mill, together with his engineer are expected this evening to submit a proposition for a Huntington Mill. They have not yet made up their minds what kind they will put up. They have a strong force of men at work and the mine is still producing quantities of high grade ore.” – Los Angeles Daily Times

September 27, 1897:  “D. R. WEBB HAS SOLD a one-third interest in his mine to the inventor of the Huntington mill for $30,000, and five of those mills are to be put in at Garlock. All the big teams are busy, and a half a dozen more fourteen to twenty-mule teams could find employment hauling ore to the mills.” – The Herald

September 02, 1898:  IN THE SAME NEIGHBORHOOD Mr. Matthews, the owner of the Huntington mill at Garlock, has leased one of Mr. James’ mines and has placed Mr. Henderson, lately of Angels Camp, in charge of both mill and mine. The mill has been thoroughly renovated and it is expected the product of the mine will more than keep the mill running.” – The Herald

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