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"Born to Wander, Cursed to Stay and Dig."
King Solomon Tug of War Team

King Solomon Tug of War Team

December, 1896: GOLD MINING in the hills surrounding Johannesburg started before the thought of a town was even conceived. Claims such as the Eagle’s Nest, Fairy Prince, Fairy Queen, Hector, King Solomon, Magpie, Miranda, Pinmore, Rocket and Wasp, which made up the Ashford Group of Mines were all discovered in the 1895 –1896 time frame. In addition are the Val Verde Claims owned mostly by Charles and Rose Burcham that became the Randsburg Mining, Milling and Water Company in January of 1897. This corporation was probably named the Randsburg Mining Milling and Water Company as when the corporation was first recorded the Town of Johannesburg did not exist.


HOW-TO OPEN GOLD MINE, 1900 - The Colliery Engineer Co. Mines & Minerals, Volume XX, August 1899, to July, 1900. Courtesy Google Books

Mining continued well into the 1950’s in the hills and gullies surrounding this town, and is still carried on by many of its residents on a part time basis with their metal detectors and dry-washers. Many adits (tunnels), shafts, foundations, tailings piles and other evidence of the mining can still be seen from Highway 395 as you pass through and explore the town.

Johannesburg, Looking Down The Rand. Shown on the hills to the north are the Phoenix Mine, in the center the Red Dog Mill, and on the far right center are some buildings in the vicinity of the Alameda/Jolly Girl Mine. Photo taken sometime before 1922.  – Rand Desert Museum Collection
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