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Owens & Niehaus

In November of 1913 Owens & Niehaus were advertising in the Randsburg Miner that they were in the Auto-Stage business and had a five-passenger automobile for hire.

W. J. Johnson –Livery and Auto Service

A William J. Johnson was listed in 1920 Great register of voters as a Teamster in Randsburg.  19 

Randsburg and Mojave Auto Stage –

            The Randsburg and Mojave Auto Stage line that was operating in May of 1916 was the victim of embezzlement.  At the same time that Illingworth’s vault was broken into a Mr. Potter, who had been employed by the stage line as manager about six weeks prior left town.  He had told the driver’s that he was going to Los Angeles to purchase another car for the company.  He left with several hundred dollars and never returned. 20 

Wm. H. Anderson – Randsburg, Searles and Mojave Stage 

            The July 5th, 1922 issue of Barstow Printer –Rand Mining District Section, has an advertisement that shows that the Anderson Auto Line was in business with auto stages running to Los Angeles and Bakersfield. They also connected with the Packard Stage Lines in Mojave.  In October of that year Mr. Anderson added the Studebaker dealership to his enterprises and added a Studebaker “equipped with all modern conveniences and adapted for desert travel” to his stage line.  He had taken out an option on the Rose Garage in which he intended to run a garage business in addition to caring for his own fleet. In 1924 his advertisement showed a cost of $7.70 for a trip to Los Angeles and $6.10 for a trip to Bakersfield.

B. H. McFarland – San Bernardino-Randsburg Stage Line

A ticket in the collection of the Rand Desert Museum shows that Mr. McFarland fan a daily auto stage from the Silver Strand Hotel in Randsburg to San Bernardino, with stops at Johannesburg, Osdick, Atolia, Adelanto, Summit, Camp Cajon, and Devore.

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