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January 10, 1897: “A NEW COUNTY PROBABLE. I learned today that a bill will be introduced during the session for creating another new county. It is intended to take a slice out of Los Angeles, Kings and Tulare counties each and establish a new county of which, Randsburg, the wonderful mining town that has so recently blossomed into existent and attracted co much attention throughout the country, will be the chief city, the commercial metropolis, the head-center and the county capital. Whether the measure will go through is by no means certain, but I know that a number of members of each house have already expressed their belief in the wisdom of thus establishing the proposed new county. It is therefore more than probable that the proposition will go through. I mention this because it is interesting news, and that 1s what The Heraid is always after and always giving to the public, l am aware that the prospect of such legislation is liable to start a “land boom” In that mining region, and a town lot craze in Randsburg itself. A crazy boom of that kind always results disastrously to many persons who Jump into the swim with more hope than money, though a few sharpers generally manage to drop the iron before it becomes too hot.” – The Herald

July 30, 1897: “DIVIDING OUR GARMENTS- There is a revival of county division talk in Los Angeles County, and there seems to be a strong sentiment in the city of Los Angeles in favor of consolidating the territory from the San Gabriel River and the Newhall hills to the sea in a city and County of Los Angeles. This would result in the organization of San Antonio county, with Pomona for county seat, and leave the Antelope valley country to be annexed to Kern county or go into a scheme for a new county with Randsburg as county seat,—Riverside Press.” – The Herald

October 21, 1899:NEW COUNTY –The following appeared recently in the Los Angeles Times:

“New from Randsburg that the question of a new county is being discussed in that camp.  The talk is to make it out of portions from Kern, San Bernardino, Inyo, and the northeastern part of Los Angeles County, and it is said that a bill will be framed and presented to the next legislature asking for its creation.  The proposal is to make it essentially a mining county, to embrace the Panamint in Inyo, the Argus and Slate Range districts, the Rand district and Barstow, Vanderbilt, and Needles, in San Bernardino County, and other mining camps contiguous thereto.  Barstow is to be made the county seat, and it is said that the Santa Fe Railway Company favors the scheme.”

In the first place there has been no serious talk here of organizing a new county and in the second place when that time comes, Randsburg will never consent to the county seat being anywhere but in Randsburg.  “Where the McGregor sits is the head of the table,” Where Randsburg is, will be the new county seat when that new county if formed.  We are not yet ready for county organization.” –Randsburg Miner

January 6, 1917: “There is talk of forming a new county to include Lancaster and Randsburg.” – Bakersfield Californian

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