Survey number:      Owner: Randsburg Cima Mining Company     Date of discovery: 192?

Cima-Bimetallic Mine, Headframe & Workers, Looking North, Circa 1921(?) - RDM Collection

1925: DEVELOPED  by a 1 ½ compartment vertical shaft, 200 feet deep, and apparently entirely in the Rosamond formation.  Water stands in the shaft.  No recent work has been done.  The property, which is owned by the Randsburg Cima Bimetallic Company; is located just east of Johannesburg.  –  Hulin

This mine was developed during the “Silver Boom” in the Rand Mining District.  It was also the “Roaring Twenties” when optimism in the country was running wild and people would invest in anything.  The company was incorporated in 1921.

CIMA-BIMETALLIC MINE, Then & Now, 1925-2011, view N. Bart Parker stands just where the investors did. Finding just where the 1925 photographer stood proved a trial & many errors proposition in that a nearly identical arrangement of shaft and hoist foundations exists nearby: the Joburg Divide. Old and new cars mark the (still) through road between Joburg & Red Mountain. The scarcity of dump material casts doubt on the 200 foot depth reported, though none at all on the ‘wallet mining’ nature of the venture. – William J. Warren © 2011

Cima-Bimetallic Shaft Collar, Headframe & Investors, ca 1921(?). Investors Experting the Randsburg Cima-Bimetallic Mine, as they stand at the edge of the abyss, atop the shaft collar, casually exposing themselves to physical risk as well as fiscal. Early 1920's. - Rand Desert Museum Collection

The mine is located east of Johannesburg in San Bernardino County.  GPS location may be found at http://www.mindat.org/loc-88304.html.

Cima-Bimetallic Headframe & Investors, Then & Now, 1920-2011, view NW. Bart Parker stands just below the present shaft collar, now filled with waste rock on the outside. The road is 'Silver City Road', main artery between Joburg & Red Mountain. - William J. Warren © 2011

Cima-Bimetallic Mine Office, Principals & Investors, ca 1920s. All enjoy the shade of the porch, possibly enhanced by some liquid refreshment, not atypical for the time, Prohibition notwithstanding. - Rand Desert Museum Collection

Cima Bimetallic Stock Certificate, ca 12/18/1922. Issued for 1,000 shares to Paul M. H(?)ide, at a curb value of $1.00, signed by William J. Wood and J. (somebody). Note the fancy Capital Stock figure: $3,000,000.00. Typical of the fast and loose market for mining stock promotions of the period; eloquently explained by George Graham Rice in his self-serving autobiography; 'My Adventures with Your Money'. - Rand Desert Museum Collection

Cima Bimetallic Summons, Randsburg Times, October 4, 1925. The assets must have been modest, as a flatbed trailer was abandoned at the site, less the running gear. The hoisting machinery was either sold off or scavenged. Cima-Bimetallic Shaft Collar, view N, 2011. Remnants of both air and electrical service remain along with the hoist foundations. - William J. Warren © 2011

Cima Bimetallic Shaft Collar, view N, 2011. Remnants of both air and electrical service remain along with the hoist foundations. - William J. Warren © 2011

Cima Bimetallic Deceased Trailer, Red Mountain & Klinker Peak in the background, ca 2011. Appropriately, belly up, the better for scavenging the running gear, last of the assets of the venture. Shaft collar visible behind along with 'Silver City Road'. - William J. Warren © 2011

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