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Chas. S. Taylor                                                         Appointed  May 10, 1906

Alfted A. True                                                          Appointed October 9, 1916

Josephine True                                                        Acting May 1, 1920                                                                                                                                                          Appointed April 13, 1921

OFFICE DISCONTINUED JULY 11, 1922                                                                                           REESTABLISHED NOVEMBER 11, 1927

David Griggs                                                            Appointed November 10, 1927  (Declined)

Mrs. Mary Platt                                                       Appointed December 5, 1927

James W. Platt                                                         Took Possession February 1, 1936                                                                                                                                  Appointed February 4, 1936

Mrs. Leone M. Platt                                                 Appointed June, 4, 1937


July 5, 1906: “A new post office at the tungsten mines, just over the line in San Bernardino county, has been established with the name of Atolia, Charley Taylor is the new postmaster and the office is about ready for business.”—Randsburg Miner

Atolia Post Office & Automobiles, 19__. View looking ___. - Derick English Collection

March 15, 1916:  “ONE OF THE AMUSING THINGS IN CAMP is the postoffice.  It was built for 60 people and now takes care of mail for possibly 2000.  It’s open from noon until 11 p. m. and one joins in a line outside the building to get a window to ask for mail. ” –Bakersfield Californian

March 20, 1916: “It has been very warm during the past few days and yesterday, the deputy postmaster suffered a sunstroke, causing the office be closed all day. ” – Bakersfield Californian

April 12, 1916:  “The Randsburg-Mojave Stage Company is responsible for a petition that if successful will give this district two mails a day.  Many singers have been secured and the documents are being sent to the proper authorities.  New mail arrangements are surely a needed proposition, and many kicks are heard daily on account of local mail service” –Bakersfield Californian


Randsburg, April 28.—Randsburg, Johannesburg, Atolia and the desert section tributary will after today be deprived of daily mail, newspaper, freight, and express service, by order of the federal control of railroads, express, and mail services.  The news came as distinct surprise and shock to the general mining and business interests in the desert section served by the three towns.  Under the new order, unless abrogated or modified, mail service will be delivered three times each week.

A move is on foot to have the mail, freight, express, and newspapers delivered from Mojave by motor truck, which now seems to be the only way to obtain daily service.

Randsburg has been on the map for 23 years and has had daily mail service continuously except for 30 days during the Western Federation of Miner’s strike on the Yellow Aster mine, when the service was suspended as a precautionary measure.” –San Bernardino County Sun

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