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The first bakery in town appears to have been the Los Angeles Bakery, which was run by John Potts in 1896.  By 1898 it appears that the name of his bakery had been changed to the 16 to 1 Bakery.  The Sixteen to One Bakery was listed in McPherson’s History of Randsburg published in March of 1899; however a proprietors name is not listed. The below illustrated token proves the connection between John Potts and the 16 to 1 Bakery.  Sixteen to One was a campaign slogan of the 1898 election dealing with the government having the ability to set the price of gold and silver at sixteen dollars per ounce for gold and silver at one dollar per ounce. 1


Although both the 1896 and 1898 Great Register of Voters shows Mr… Conway’s occupation as a butcher, the Randsburg Miner, in December of 1896 showed him as the proprietor of the Boston Bakery.  The Boston Bakery was located on Rand St.  It is the third building on the right in the above photo of Rand St. showing Petter’s assay shop.


The Los Angeles Daily Times reported in January of 1897 that Johnson and Wedehouse who hailed from Texas had but in an oven and were opening a bakery.   Mr. Wedehouse had brought his family with him and was putting up a small house on the lot which he had purchased next to the skating rink.


Henry Rott was a German immigrant who became a naturalized citizen in 1865 in Indiana.  At the time of the 1900 census he was 57 years old. It is not known when Henry Rott first arrived in Randsburg; however the picture below is known to have been taken before the January 1898 fire.

He was first shown as a baker and confectioner in the 1898 Great Register of Voters. A  John Roth is shown as a baker in the 1902 business directory; however the author considers this to be an error in the directory and believes that the intended listing was for Rott.   Henry apparently ran the Steam Bakery by himself until February of 1904 when Mrs. W. O. (Martha) Lidy of Johannesburg bought a half interest. In 1905 they purchased an Edison Heating and lighting plant for the bakery.

In October of 1907 Mr. Rott was severely burned in a fire that occurred in the bakery, he recovered however and continued in business through 1922.  By 1924 Henry had left the bakery business and was trying his hand at mining.   It is generally thought that in later years (after 1904) the Steam Bakery was located in the building that presently houses THE JOINT on Butte Ave.  Henry passed on in June of 1927 in Los Angeles at the home of his old friend Otto Deisler.  His widow and two married daughters survived Henry.

In 1917 Henry Rott applied for a liquor license in Randsburg, the request was rejected.  It is not known whether Henry was really going to run a saloon or if he was just fronting for someone else.

February 26, 1917: “PROCEEDINGS OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS AT FEBRUAY MEETING.—IN re Rejection of the Application of Henry Rott for Liquor License at Randsburg. –On motion of Paxton, seconded by Brite, it is ordered that the application of Henry Rott for a retail liquor license be and the same is hereby rejected.” – Bakersfield Californian


Suits-Sullivan Business Directory for 1898 shows Otto Deisler as the proprietor of a bakery in Randsburg. As the information for the business directory for any given year is normally collected in the prior year so that the directory may be published early in the year, it is assumed that Otto was in fact in Randsburg in 1897.   In December of 1907 Otto and his wife sold the Randsburg Bakery to a Mrs. Lidy. 5

Mrs. H. O. Lidy as previously stated purchased a half interest in the Steam Bakery in 1904.  In December of 1907 for a price of $125 she purchased a 51’ x154’ lot on Broadway where the Randsburg Bakery was located and for an additional $400 she purchased a half interest in the Randsburg Bakery from Otto and Martha Deisler. It is not known whether she continued her partnership with Henry Rott after this time. 6


George is shown in the 1908 Great Register of Voters as a baker. It is not known whether he was working for someone or if he had a bakery of his own.  7


Like George Jordan it is not known whether Frank was working for himself of was an employee of one of the other bakeries.  He was however listed as a baker in the 1910 Great Register of Voters. 8

Old Randsburg Bakery Golden Crust Bread Wrapper.  This wrapper was found in one of the ares's mines and it thought to be from Silas Morgan's Bakery circa 1920's

Old Randsburg Bakery Golden Crust Bread Wrapper. This wrapper was found in one of the ares's mines and it thought to be from Silas Morgan's Bakery circa 1920's


According to the advertisement, shown here, that appeared in The Rand District News on 7 June 1922. According to information recorded in a log of old timers visiting during one of the Old Timers Celebration held in Randsburg,  by Mr. and Mrs. Silas Z. Morgan, they came to Randsburg in September of 1921 and left on 29 December 1929.  Silas was the proprietor of the Randsburg Bakery during that period. 9

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