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Spanish Lease of The Atolia Mining and Milling Company, was one of the most productive mines in the tungsten field. Kern County Museum Collection

1915: “ON THE SPANISH LEASE a new hoist and head-frame are being erected, with ore-bins, engine house, black smith shop.  The ore body continues good, and is apparently the same vein that has been cut over 1000 ft. ease in the Lipp and Brock lease, on the Skylark claim.  This lease has been a great producer of sheelite of exceptional value.”—Mining and Scientific Press, Volume 111

February 17, 1915: “THE ATOLIA MINING COMPANY at Atolia which has been leasing their tungsten property for the past year has stopped all leases and the company will begin operations again.  Five men have been put to work on the Spanish Lease where $54,000 has been taken out by the six leasers in the past six months.  The company will put men to work on several pieces of ground where the leasers had been successful.  The mill is running one shift per day and eight men are working in it.  Another car of the white metal was shipped last week and about three cars per month are being shipped.”—Bakersfield Morning Echo

November 3, 1915: “A NEW 20-HORSE power hoist and derrick frame is being installed on the old Spanish Lease.”—Bakersfield Californian

December 22, 1915:  “THE SPANISH LEASE operated by the Atolia Mining Company has put in a 55-ton ore bin and new hoist, with commodious quarters has been completed.  About 50 men are employed in this mine.”—Bakersfield Morning Echo

1916: “SPANISH LEASE (ATOLIA) –Atolia Company is working this ground and producing best ore in camp.  About 60 men are employed and new ground is being rapidly developed.  About three months ago the shaft was deepened and only small amount of drifting done, which disclosed some good ore. Since that time improvements have been made to surface equipment and property is now one of the most valuable producers operated by company.  Operation also undertaken about 100 ft. from main shaft.” —Engineering and Mining Journal, Volume 101

February 1, 1916:  “THE ATOLIA COMPANY is working the Spanish Lease with the very best of results and producing the best ore in camp from the ledge matter.  At present about sixty men are employed and new ground is rapidly being developed as the ore is taken out.  About three months ago the shaft was sunk to a greater depth and a very small amount of drifting was done when they disclosed some very good ore.”—Bakersfield Californian

May 24, 1916: “RUMORS ARE PREVALENT here that the Atolia Company is to return to the leasing system and that many leases will be available on reasonable terms.  Reasons for this action are said to the based on cost of production, high graders and the liability law.  The company closed down the Spanish Lease, throwing 70 men out of employment.  The Italians and Spaniards were discharged and the Americans placed in other mines.”—Bakersfield Californian

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