Survey number:      Owner:      Date of discovery:


1962:  “Rainbow –NW ¼ sec. 10, T30S, R40E, MDM, Rand district, about 2 miles southwest of Randsburg. Developed by several inclined shafts and adits a few feet in maximum  length across a strike distance of 50 feet.  Shallow prospect pits have excavated along the fault a few hundred feet from the shafts.  Probably small production of scheelite.’–Troxel and Morton

October 24, 1903:  “Osdick has purchased the Porter one-third interes in the Rainbow and Tipton Claims near Randsburg, giving him a two-thirds interest.”—Mining and Scientific Press

November 4, 1903:  “B. Osdick has bought the remaining one-third interest of J. G. Porter in the Rainbow and Tipton claims near Randsburg. ”—Mining and Scientific Press


January 12, 1913:  “DEVELOPS TUNGSTEN PROPERTY—One of the best scheelite claims of the district, the Angel Claim, adjoining the property of the Atolia Mining Company, is being developed and opened up at present by the owner P. J. Osdick.  Two men are employed at sinking a shaft at this mine which, with the present high price of tungsten, holds out great promise for the future.”—Randsburg Miner

September 30, 1929:  “Plans are being made by the Pacific Tungsten Company, Ltd., P. J. Osdick, president, to build a metallurgical plant in Los Angeles for the production of metallic tungsten, and alloys for various local industries, especially for deep oil well drilling. A research laboratory has already been established.  A few months ago, this organization acquired the Osdick Group in the Atolia District, near Randsburg, California, and is developing the property. Shipments will be made to the Los Angeles plant and, in the event that a surplus is mined, it will be shipped to the eastern markets.  The officers of the Pacific Tungsten are: Edward A. Mills, vice-president and treasurer, and metallurgist in charge of smelting operations; C. Colcock Jones, secretary, and engineer in charge of mining operations, and Mr. Osdick. In the Atolia District, the property includes 70 acres of placer ground, similar to that being worked with steam shovels by the Atolia Mining Company.”—The Mining Journal

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