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George P. Brady –

George started in the blacksmith business in Garlock in 1896 and later was in business in Randsburg.  The earliest entry for George Brady that has been found in the account ledger of the Rand Mine Co. on page 13 shows that he was paid $11.20 for blacksmithing services.  In 1904 for a short period of time he left the desert and went to Los Angeles.  After several months he returned and bought and interest in the Houser blacksmith shop.  He obviously stayed in Randsburg in the Blacksmith business for sometime as is evidenced by a receipts dated 1914 and 1916.

Abraham Staley

A native of New Jersey Mr. Staley came to the desert from Bakersfield at the age of 62 to get a fresh start.  Settling first in Garlock, he however moved to Randsburg in August of 1896, making him one of the earlier pioneer merchants of the camp. An entry on page 6 of an account ledger of the Rand Mine Co. (Predecessor to the Yellow Aster Mining & Milling Co.) shows that A. Staley was paid $6.50 for blacksmithing services on 6 August 1896.   In 1897 the family appears to have left camp for a while. The Daily Californian reported in its News from the Desert column that:   “ Homer Staley returned to camp for a few days last week and stated that the Staley family got only as far as Bakersfield on their journey, when the whole outfit got stuck as term trial jurors and had to stay.  Then Dad got stuck on a goose farm and bought that, so Homer thinks it doubtful if they ever reach the trout brooks and haunts of the grizzly bear in the north country.  They will all be back in Randsburg eventually.” And make it back to camp they did, at least “Dad” and Homer as they are shown in the 1900 census.  Staley Ave. which shows on the old maps as being in the location of the present Redrock-Randsburg Road was named after this family and remained as Staley Ave. until the late Seventies when the county arbitrarily changed its name.

W. A. Henderson—

Three photos have been found of the W. A. Henderson Blacksmith shop.  The shop was located on Butte Ave between the Bank Building (Illingworth/Jewell Store) and the Opera House (Miner’s Union Hall).

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