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G. McK Bevan — Randsburg Soda Works Agent for Maier Zobelein Brewery

Local lore says that there were two breweries in town.  Actually these businesses were bottling works which were agents for the breweries.  The first of these was George McK Bevan who was located on Staley Ave. from 1896 to 1900. He was the agent for Maier Zobelein Brewery of Los Angeles and the Puritas Ice Company.  In October of 1897 he purchased the old Stuart Saloon, on Butte Ave., on the east side of the Broadwell building, and remodeled and improved it for use as a restaurant.   He is listed in the 1898 business directory as the “Ransbury (SIC) Soda Works.  After selling out Mr. McK Bevan moved to Bakersfield where he ran another bottling and soda works combined with a wholesale liquor business and ice house.  One of his locations in Bakersfield was in the approximate location of the present bail bond business directly behind the Kern County Court House.  Mr. McK Bevan was reported to have been well known and liked in Randsburg, and was of a cheerful disposition.  The news of his death, in 1905 at Los Angeles, at his own hand came as a shock to his friends in Randsburg.  George had been in ill health and had been given little hope of recovery by his physicians.

Edwin Maurice Dineen –

Opening a large store on Butte Ave. in early 1898 Mr. Dineen was doing a good business when his building and stock was destroyed by the May 1898 fire.  He immediately rebuilt and put in a building, connected with which was a fireproof beer cellar.  He was doing a good business and was listed in McPherson’s History of Randsburg as being the agent for the Los Angeles Brewing Co.  He however decided that mining was really his interest so he sold out to look after his mining interests.  In 1898 he was elected as the president of the Citizen’s Committee and was an active member of the fire department. 

Lloyd & Heydlouff – Agents for Maier Zobelein Brewery

In July of 1900 Lewis A. Heydlouff in partnership with T. A. Lloyd bought out George Mck Bevan  and became the agents for the Maier Zobelein Brewery and the Puritas Ice Company.  It is not known exactly when Mr. Lloyd left the business but is was some time before 1904 that Mr. Heydlouff sold out to the Rinaldi Bros. and moved to Bisbee Arizona to become the agent for the same brewery at that location. 3(For more information on T. A. Lloyd see the section on Randsburg Merchants. For more information on L. A. Heydlouff see the section on Garlock Teamsters.)

Rinaldi Bros. — Agents for Maier Brewery

The Rinaldi Bros. bought out Al Heydlouff in September of 1904.   They appear to have run this business along with their other interests until 1916 when they sold to S. Hartly. Over the years liquor licenses were issued to O. Rinaldi conduct a saloon in Randsburg.  It is not clear whether this saloon was conducted in connection with the “Brewery” or not.  However, after the brewery building was sold to Hartly there were no more liquor license applications from any of the Rinaldi Bros.  The building burnt down shortly after it was purchased by Hartly. 4 (For more information on the Rinaldi Bros. see section on Randsburg Butchers.

Wedlock, Shultz and Schade — Agents for Los Angeles Brewing Co. –

In April of 1907 the Randsburg Miner reported that Emil Waldeck and Herman Schultz  had started construction on a new brewery on Butte Ave. opposite A. Nixon’s Saloon.   The original plans were for an 18 x 20 one-story adobe building on a rough foundation with an 18 x 25 ice cellar in the rear.  Julius Schade had the contract to construct the building.   When the building was actually completed in December of 1907 it measured 20 x 30 feet with a cellar and a 16 x 30 concrete icehouse in the rear.  During the building process Julius Schade had become a partner and the Saloon, when opened, was said to be the best-equipped in town.  An elegant bar and fixtures had been purchased from the Los Angeles Brewing Company and were equipped with every convenience for rapid work.

Emil Waldeck  had been a saloonkeeper in Randsburg since 1898.  Julius Schade had come to Randsburg in 1904 and worked as a contractor and miner until he went in to the saloon/ “Brewery” business.  Little information has been found on Herman Shultz. How long this partnership actually lasted and what the arrangements were are unclear.  In 1909 a liquor license was issued to J. Schade.  Emil Waldeck apparently left town around this time as there is no reference to him in the 1910 Census or in the Great Register of Voters after 1908.  Herman Schultz was listed in the 1912 Great Register of Voters as a bartender and Julius Schade as a saloonkeeper.  Advertisements for the “Burg Saloon” as shown on this page was found in the Randsburg Miner from February of 1912 to August of 1913 listed Julius Schade as the proprietor.  Emil Waldeck retained a one third interest in the saloon, which was sold at the time of his death in 1913 for $190 to an agent by the name of C. W. Pierce. No record of a liquor license has been found for Julius Schade after 1913 until his application in 1916 which was turned down on the basis that there were already too many saloons in town at the time.  It is believed that Jesse Cuddeback  of Mojave conducted business in this location starting in 1913, whether he is the person who C. W.  Pierce was agent for is unknown, but a description of a shooting that took place in Jesse’s saloon matches the layout of the “Burg” saloon. This building still stands and for many years housed Mrs. Purington’s Desert Shop.  It is currently a private residence.

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