Confectioneries ( Candy Makers ) & Ice Cream Parlors

Survey number:      Owner:      Date of discovery:

Thomas Mack

Listed in the 1898 business directory as being in the fruit and confection business in Randsburg.

Edith Seebold & Carroll King

In May of 1900 an advertisement for an ice cream parlor appeared in the Randsburg Miner. Mrs. Edith Seebold and Carroll King were selling ice cream, fresh candy, nuts and fruits.  They were located opposite the Post office which at the time would have placed then on the south east corner of Butte Ave. and Broadway (Burma).

Roy McCombs

Located on Broadway the candy store of Roy McCombs  was opened in March of 1904.

Mrs. E. J. Baker

Mrs. Baker was located on Butte Ave. opposite the Miner’s Supply Store (The Miner’s Supply Store still stands on the North West corner of Butte Ave. and Jewell St.).  The Randsburg Miner reported in their October 14, 1905 issue that Mrs. Baker was reopening her ice cream parlor where she would be serving her customers ice cream and cake or coffee and cake.

Mrs. B. B. Summer

In October of 1905 Mrs. Summer was reported to have opened her new ice cream parlor across the street from her former place of business.  Unfortunately it is not known where her former place was.

Mrs. Len Cunningham

Mrs. Cunningham ventured into the confectionery and novelty store business in February of 1907.  It was reported at the time that she later expected to carry ice cream.  In addition to sweets she also advertised souvenir post cards and was the agent for the Singer Sewing Machine Co.  She was located somewhere on Butte Ave.

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