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Hempstead’s Drug Store –

Hempstead’s Drug Store was located on Broadway Ave., (Burma Road).  It was burnt down in the January 1898 fire in Randsburg and there is no record of it being rebuilt after the fire. 1

J. M. Garrison –

Mr. J. M.  Garrison is listed in an 1898 business directory as being in the drugstore business in Randsburg. Also listed in the directory is a C. G. Garrison who was a physician.  It is possible that these two men may have been related.

Nicholas N. Miller– Randsburg Drug Store

Nicholas Miller, a native of Michigan, came to Randsburg in December of 1896 and opened a drug store a month later.  He was burnt out in both fires of 1898 losing $4,000 in the last fire and an unknown amount in the first fire. However he did rebuild and remained in business until 1900 when it is believed that he sold out to G. W. Turner.

George W. Turner– Randsburg Drug Store

As a young man of twenty-one George Turner came to Randsburg and became the proprietor of the Randsburg Drug Store. He faced his share of adversity with his store being burnt down in the 1903 fire at a loss of $3.000.  He did not let this discourage him however, and he rebuilt the store and in April of 1904 installed the elegant soda fountain that is still enjoyed by local and visitor alike when they visit the Randsburg General Store.

In August of 1904 his wife Pattie filed for divorce accusing him of infidelity.  By October of 1905 George had decided that enough was enough and sold out to Western Drug Co.  Mr. Landers, of Los Angeles, took over as business manager.  What the specific problem was that let to the folllowing article has yet to be learned.

October 03, 1905:  “WANTED IN RANDSBURG  —  George W. Turner was arrested on South Main street yesterday afternoon by Detectives Smith and Dlxon at tho request of Constable J. H. Arnold of Randsburg. Turner is wanted in Randsburg, where he was formerly a drugist, on a charge of obtaining money under false pretenses.” –Los Angeles Herald

Jesse Thompson

Mr. Thompson, a thirty one-year-old native of Ohio, was listed in the 1900 Census as a druggist.  It is not known if he ran his own drug store or was a druggist for the Randsburg Drug Store.

James Henry Styles

The Great Register of Voters for Kern County shows James Styles, as a druggist in Randsburg.  James was a native of Canada, who was naturalized as a citizen in Tulare Co.  He was thirty years old when he registered to vote in 1900. 6

R. S. Cheney – Randsburg Drug Store

In July of 1905 R. S. Cheney, from Los Angeles, Purchased the Randsburg Drug Store.

Carl J. Spencer–Randsburg Drug Co. & Brunswig Drug Co.

The earliest record found of the Randsburg Drug Co. is an entry in the 1908 business directory, which dates the business to sometime in 1907.  Carl Spencer is listed in the Great Register of Voters, as a druggist in Randsburg from 1910 to 1916. It is assumed that Carl J. Spencer was the managing druggist for the Randsburg Drug Co., also know as the Brunswig Drug Co.  This assumption is based on the fact that Carl Spencer was the only druggist listed for 1910 through 1916.  It is also based on the fact that liquor licenses for the Randsburg Drug Co. (1911 & 1915) and the Brunswig Drug Co. 1912 were all found in the wall of the building shown on the 1917 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map as the Drug Store.  Additionally, all of these licenses show a common address Both Broadway and Butte or lot 2 block 5.   The drug store appears to have been located on the opposite corner of Broadway and Butte Ave. in 1910 when the below photo was taken.  The location where the licenses were found including one for Manufacturer, Distributor, Etc. of Opiate Etc. for Oscar Glanville however matched the 1917 map and was in the stone and adobe building just adjacent to the Randsburg General Store.

Oscar Glanville-

Oscar Glanville wa born in Dover, Kansas June 18, 1885.  After having finished his elementary school training he was sent to Topeka, Kansas for high School.  In 1904 he graduated from Kansas State University where he received the degree of PHc   After a short stint as a pharmacist in a  Topeka drug store he headed west and was next employed in 1905 in Prescott, Arizona as a pharmacist.  He migrated to California where, except for a six month sting in the Territory of Hawaii, he engaged he worked for various pharmacies from 1906 to 1912 when he bought the Peterson Pharmacy in Mojave, Call.Oscar opened a drugstore in Randsburg, which he operated from 1916 to 1919 when he moved his business to Modesto.

Anna (Gunderson) Jones and Wilson H. Jones–Gunderson-Jones Drug Co.

Anna (Gunderson) Jones, the widow of Daniel Gunderson, and Wilson H. Jones are thought to have purchased the old Randsburg Drug Store from Oscar Glanville when he left town in 1919.  Daniel Gunderson had run a bookstore, stationary, and newstand next to the Randsburg Drug Store from 1906 until his death.

The 1920 census shows that Wilson Jones was in the retail merchant business and was married to Anna. The combination of these two stores is thought to be the configuration of the present Randsburg General Store.

Gustave & Elder – White House Drugs

The Barstow Printer reported in October of 1921 that Gustave &  Elder “have opened a down to date drug store”.  They had to hire a registered pharmacist as neither partner had much experience in anything other than mining and runnin a saloon.  The store was said to have been stocked with all the patent medicines know to the trade, along with a full line of druggist sundries and dental supplies

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