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Emerson Strong – Randsburg Lumber Co.

Mr. Strong was listed in the Randsburg Miner in December of 1896 as a freight agent with offices at the Randsburg Lumber Co.  It does not state what freight company he was an agent for.

Wells Fargo & Co. Express

Although Wells Fargo & Co. talked of establishing an office in Randsburg as early as April of 1896 it was not until January of 1897 that route agent Duncan established an office in Randsburg.  Mr. George W. Pridham was the first agent and in 1898 Mr. Fred G. Howland succeeded him.

The Wells Fargo & Co. office burnt down in the May 1896 fire and was replaced by an adobe structure, which in later years was to become the Rinaldi Market.  It was located on the corner of Butte Ave. and Broadway (Burma Road).  Around 1910 the Wells Fargo office was located in the large stone building which had original housed the Home Supply Co. on Butte Ave.

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