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Cruse Bros.

Archie Cruse of Bishop, who was the father of Mrs. J. H. Underhill of Mojave, and his brother George, started a feed and lumberyard in Randsburg in October of 1896.  On October 31 of 1896 the account books of the Rand Mine show that the Cruse Bros. were paid $15.34 for lumber.  Prior to this time the mine had been paying W. C. Wilson to have the lumber shipped in from Mojave.  By 1898, according to the business directory, they appear to have dropped the lumber business and got into the livery business

Moore & Smith — Tehachapi Milling & Trading Co.

Hiram E. Smith, of Sanger Ca., and J. A. Moore were in the lumber business in Randsburg in 1896 with little competition if any.  It is not known how long the partnership lasted.   However by 1899 Mr. Smith no longer appeared to be with the company.  Mr. Moore then owned two lumberyards in Randsburg, having purchased the Randsburg Lumber Yard in the latter part of 1898, and again monopolized the local lumber business.

Toothacre & Wegman — Sequoia Lumber Yard

D. M. Toothacre and a man by the name of Wegman opened a large lumberyard known as the Sequoia lumberyard in Randsburg in February of 1897.  3

Emerson Strong

According to Roberta Starry in her book Gold Gamble publicity in the Los Angeles and San Francisco newspapers promoting the town in 1897 included amongst a list of business houses the firm of Emerson Strong, Lumber man. Mr. Strong was listed in the Randsburg Miner in December of 1896 as a freight agent with offices at the Randsburg Lumber Co.  It does not state what freight company he was an agent for.

James T. Dunn

James T. Dunn is listed in an 1898 business directory as being in the lumber, coal and feed business in Randsburg.

S. F. Denison — Randsburg Lumber Co.

The above advertisement was running in the Randsburg Miner newspaper when the May 1898 fire broke out. It is not known who Mr. Denison was acting as agent for but it may have been A. N. Farris.

Alexander N. Farris — Randsburg Lumber Company

A letterhead in the collection of the Kern County Library shows that Mr. Farris, who started in the lumber business in Johannesburg as the Desert Lumber Company, had, by June of 1898, moved to Randsburg and was doing business as the Randsburg Lumber Company.   This was directly after the fire of 6 May 1898.  The Randsburg Lumber Co. had been in business as early as 1896 as shown by an entry in the Rand Mine ledger of accounts for December 31, 1896 paying the Randsburg Lumber Co. $39.34

Houser Bros. & Curry — Randsburg Lumber Company

In July of 1905 the Houser Brothers and J. T. Curry had an advertisement in the local paper which showed that they were doing business in both Randsburg and Johannesburg as the Randsburg Lumber co.  The Houser Brothers had bought our Mr. Curry in April of 1904.  It is not clear whether Mr. Curry was in fact a partner at this time or if the Houser Brothers had purchased the use of his name.  Mr. Curry did however return to the area and reestablish a business in Johannesburg.

William H. Soules

The 1916 Great Register of Voters shows William H. Soules as being in the lumber business in Randsburg.

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