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Rufus W. Osbourne

Except for a brief absence of nine months during 1905, Mr. Osbourne was in business in Randsburg from 1900 to 1910.  During his nine-month absence he had been to Coos Bay Oregon and back to Goldfield, but decided that there was no better place than Randsburg.  Mr. Osbourne was a native of Massachusetts, and was 68 years of age when he came to Randsburg in 1900.

James C. McCoy

Mr. McCoy was listed as a shoemaker starting in 1900.   He was listed intermittently in the Great Register of Voters through 1914.  It is not known whether Mr. McCoy moved out of town and returned several times or just did not register to vote.

Russell Goff

Mr. Goff listed his occupation as a shoemaker in Randsburg when he registered to vote in 1904.

Frank Iske

According to the Great Register of Voters for Kern County, Frank Iske earned his living as a shoemaker in Randsburg during the years of 1916 and 1918.

John Sullivan

In 1916 a gentleman by the name of John Sullivan was a shoemaker in Randsburg.

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