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Mrs. Everett

Randsburg’s first skating rink was opened in December of 1896.  It was a building 40′ by 60′ in size.  On Christmas of that year the festivities were kicked off with a Ball at the skating rink.  There were forty couples present with attendants from Garlock as well as Randsburg.

It is not known for sure that Mrs. Everett owned the skating rink, however she was known as the “Skating Rink Woman”.  She gained notoriety in the camp by abandoning her husband and running off with Edward Reddy who according to the Bakersfield Daily Californian was the nephew of Pat Reddy, the noted mining lawyer. However Edward Reddy was Pat’s brother, whose two sons were J. H. and M. G. Reddy.  Pats other brother John had no sons.  It appears that this nefarious figure was in fact Pat’s brother in which case the husband should consider himself lucky. As Edward “Ned” Reddy was, according to Robert Palazzo in his article The Fighting Reddy Brothers of the Easter Sierra, which appeared in the 1996 Volume of Time And Tales Of Inyo County, said that he was know as a notorious gunman with two killings and three woundings to his credit.

Snider & Alter –

The next mention of a skating rink in Randsburg did not come until 1914, when Mr.. Snider and Mr. Alter decided to open a skating rink in the Union Hall.  It was said that they agreed to save the softest spots on the floor for beginners.

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