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In January of 1897 the Daily Morning Delta newspaper from Visalisa reported that “Garlock has a bank.” In April of 1897 the Kern County Board of Supervisors made a demand upon Mr. Fry that he pay a license for keeping a Banking House.  Mr. Fry responded that the name of his institution was somewhat of a misnomer as he does not effect domestic or foreign exchange, he does not receive deposits or make loans.  He stated that he simply is engaged in an effort to make things move a little faster and smoother in his locality.  His “bank” was actually conducted from a desk in a store that did not belong to Mr. Fox.  There was however a listing in the 1898 California State Gazetteer & Business Directory for the “Desert Bank” with a F. W. Fox listed as Cashier.   Mr. Fox was listed in McPherson’s The History of the Rand Mining District, Published in 1899 as an Attorney at Law and Mining Broker in Randsburg.

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