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A reporter for The Daily Californian out of Bakersfield made a trip to the Rand Mining District in May of 1896.  While in Garlock he ate at an establishment ran by a Mrs. Martin.  In his article he states that “Mrs. Martin keeps a restaurant here where she furnishes meals at modest prices which are simply out of sight. She is her own cook and it is a decided treat, as well as a surprise to sit down at her neat table, and partake of the excellent food supplied.  One does not look for such creature comforts as she furnishes away out here on the desert.”


In May of 1896, Harry Williams was conducting a lunch counter business in Garlock, which was said to be doing quite well.


On August13, 1896 , The Daily Californian reported that Harry Speers had opened a new restaurant in William’s old stand in Garlock.

The Tehachapi News as reprinted in the Bakersfield Daily Californian reported in October of 1896, that Mr. Speer had closed The Garlock Restaurant and returned to Bakersfield.


The 1898 Gazetteer & Business Directory for California lists this business in Garlock in 1898.  It is not known if this was the wives of James McGinn and Jerome Cheney or if the men themselves who were normally in the saloon business formed this partnership

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