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According to an advertisement appearing in The Atolia News, in 1916, Meade’s Barber Shop was located adjacent to the Atolia Restaurant which was on Main. St. 1


In the Atolian News of February25, 1919 it was reported that an alarm of fire had awoken the whole camp on the 2nd of January and that the cabin of E. C. McIntyre was in flames and that when it was put out that the remains of “Mac” were found on the bed.  According to the newspaper “Mac” was one of the most popular men in the camp.  He was buried in San Bernardino and his friends raised enough money for a suitable headstone to place over his grave.  Based on the report stating that the adjoining restaurant had been saved by the “energetic work of the volunteer fire fighters” it is believed that this building was probably in the same location as Meade’s Barber Shop. 

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