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The Tungsten Review was a supplementary paper to the Randsburg Miner, which dealt with the activities of Atolia.  S. J. Harmling purchased it in June of 1916 along with the Randsburg Miner. (See Section 1, Randsburg Newspapers for a more complete history of the publishers and editors who were in charge of this paper.)


The Atolia news was a weekly newspaper that was to be printed at Barstow temporarily.  This paper was reported to have been established in the May 15, 1916 edition of the Bakersfield Californian.  A man by the name of Miller was named as the Editor. The author has found that there are three editions of this paper on microfilm in the San Bernardino County library.


In July 1918 the Atolia Branch of the Mojave River Chapter American Red Cross published a newspaper/pamphlet that was to be sent to the “Boys” from Atolia who were serving with the Armed Services during this period of World War 1.  The paper was dedicated “…. to all our brothers “”Over There”, and was sent to all the names on the Honor Roll. It was the intention of the editors to publish this paper on a semi- monthly basis.  The paper was published through February 25, 1919 when in Volume 1, No. 7 they stated their intention to quit publishing as the Great War was over and the Atolia Mining & Milling Co. had announced on January 24 of that year that it was closing its mines and mill.

July 17, 1918: “NAMELESS AS YET but with a purpose, the official organ of the Atolia branch of the Mojave River chapter of the Red Cross is out with its first issue, brim-full of new of the war activities of the patriotic people of the camp, who have gone over the top on everything, and have so many stars of their third Liberty loan flag that there is no room in the field for more.” –San Bernardino County Sun

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