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The Randsburg Miner reported in July of 1912 that a person by the name of Campbell had started a pool hall in Atolia.

Glenn St. Peters — Tungsten Pool Hall

The Golden State Miner reported in November of 1917 that Glenn St. Peters was adding a barber shop to his pool hall.  The 1920 business directory for California shows that Glenn St. Peters was still in the business of providing cigars and billiards to the residents of Atolia. Mr. St. Peters apparently came to Atolia from Tungsten Nevada where he was also in the poolroom business.

Three of the tokens shown below have been found in the local area. Two of them were found in Atolia and one in Red Mountain (Osdick).  This token has been attributed to use in Tungsten Nevada, and is listed (Te-2) in the book Nevada Trade Tokens, by Len Hoskins, John Schilling, and Hal Dunn. It is an aluminum piece, octagonal in shape, measuring 24 mm.


The Schoonmaker family was listed as residents in Atolia in the 1910 Census; however Walter was not among those who were listed.  In 1912 the Randsburg Miner reported in their Atolia Notes section, that Walter had returned from the Beach Towns in Southern California.

Walter Schoonmaker married Miss Myrtle Anna Fahrs in December of 1922.  It was their intention to be joined in marriage by Walter’s stepfather, Judge Charles Taylor, of Atolia.  However upon presenting their marriage license to the Judge, he discovered it had been issued by Kern County.  Therefore the entire wedding party retired to Judge Maginnis, where according to the Rand District Miner, section of the Barstow Miner: When the party arrived at the home of the Randsburg official they found him in his shirt sleeves puttering around the kitchen, hair all tosseled and his ermine not in the pink of neatness, but willing to take over the pleasant duty of uniting a well matched couple that will ever stay on the main line of happiness.” Besides Judge Taylor, who was accompanied by his wife, Judge Maginnis and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dunnell, Gertrude Schoonmaker, sister of the groom and Charlie, Bob and Nellie Taylor attended the marriage.

A reference has been found in May 13, 1916 addition of The Atolia News, that one of the three places to register to vote in Atolia was at the Schoonmaker Pool hall.

The Schoonmaker Pool hall put out three tokens.  They are all round brass tokens measuring 24 mm in diameter.  They come in three denominations, 10¢, 12 1/2¢and 25¢. The 25¢ is the rarest one of the three denominations.

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