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April 6, 1907:  “Last Monday afternoon, in Hotel Beale parlor, Gertrude Schoonmaker and Charles S. Taylor, of Randsburg were united in wedlock, Rev. W. G. Blakely performing the marriage ceremony.  Mrs. Taylor is the daughter of J. L. Nelson, of Peach Springs, and is known and respected by the people of this county for her unblemished character and amiable disposition.  Mr. Taylor is said to be a gentleman of high standing, being superintendent of one of the largest tungsten mining properties in the world.  The happy couple were the recipients of congratulations from many friends in Kingman.  They took the night train to their home in Randsburg. “–Mojave County Miner (Kingman Arizona)

May 15, 1917:  “JANKE-SCHOONMAKER—Norman August Janke, California, 23; Georgia Albertine Schoonmaker, Arizona, 19, both of Atolia.” –San Bernardino News

June 17, 1917: “HAPPY JUNE WEDDING—Fred Wolford Hattan a popular  young man who is stock clerk in the Southern California Gas company’s office, will leave for Atolia to claim as  his  bride, Miss Minnie Stanbury, formerly of San  Bernardino,  but who went  to Atolia two  months ago with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James S. Stanbury.

They will  be quickly married and will return to San Bernardino to make their  home.  The bride-elect is a very attractive girl, who is blessed with many friends, all of whom will receive her “back again” with the most cordial good wishes.

The groom-to-be is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Hattan and has lived here four years, being formerly of Pittsburgh, Kansas.” –San Bernardino County Sun

June 23, 1917:  “HOLTAN-STANBURY –Fred Wolford Holtan, Texas, 20, San Bernardino, and Minnie Emma Stanbury, England,  22, Atolia.” –San Bernardino News

November 11, 1917: “VITAL RECORD –MAHOOD-DRAKE—John S. Mahood, North Dakota, 25, Atolia; Frances Drake, California, 28, Los Angeles.”—San Bernardino County Sun


October 15, 1912: “DIED—Randsburg, Cal. on October 7, 1912, Lawrence Redmond, aged 20 years, a native of Canada.  He was employed in the Tungsten mines at Atolia.”—Bakersfield Morning Echo

May 17, 1916: “MINER BLOWN OUT OF TUNGSTEN SHAFT—Refuses to Listen to his Partner’s Protest, is Killed by Blast.

As his partner leaned over the mouth of the shaft protesting at his challenge to death, George Appel, a well-known Atolia tungsten rather, was blown out of the hold.  His body was blasted past the man who stood shouting to the miner to come up.

Appel went down into the shaft to investigate the failure of a dynamite shot.  The explosion followed and Appel was blown out.  His body was horribly mutilated.   He hailed from Los Angeles where his family resides.” –San Bernardino County Sun

October 9, 1917:  “LLEWELLYN BISHOP,   MINER, KILLED IN TUNGSTEN MINES—Llewellyn Bishop, a miner, in the tungsten mines at Atolia, was killed yesterday, according to a wire received here by the sheriff’s office force. How the miner met depth or particulars as to his relatives, were not revealed.” –San Bernardino County Sun

March 10, 1918: CHARLES HOLLAND –Charles Holland, aged 45 years, a single man recently from the mining camp of Atolia, died at the general hospital last night of heart trouble.  Mr. Holland had only been in the state three months, having come here from Idaho.  He had been ill and at the hospital four weeks.  He has a brother, William Holland, living at Halley, Idaho, who has telegraphed to have the body sent to that place for interment. The Mark B. Shaw company has the arrangements in charge and is being lent the assistance of the local members of the Knights of Pythias of which the deceased was a member.” –San Bernardino County Sun

March 11, 1918: “BODY SENT TO BROTHER—Body of Charles Holland, miner at Atolia, formerly a state senator at Washington, was today sent to Idaho to a brother, W. A.  Holland, by the Mark B. Shaw company.” –San Bernardino News

March 30, 1918: “KISSELL –Body of Samuel Kissell killed March 29, 1918, near Atolia, Cal., will be shipped to Los Angeles tomorrow for cremation.  Deceased was 34 years of age.   Austrian by birth and had resided in this country for nine years.  Stephens & Sons in charge.” –San Bernardino News

November 9, 1918: “CHARLES TRUE IS DEAD AT ATOIA—The Body Will Be Brought to Highland for Burial; Funeral Later – Highland, Nov. 8.—News   came to  Highland today of the death at the family home of Charles  True, son of  A. A. True, formerly  of this place, but  now at Atolia.

The McDonald Company of San Bernardino today sent an ambulance to the desert town and will arrive early tomorrow with the body.  No arrangements for funeral services have as yet been made.

Since the death of his mother, who before her marriage was Catherine Starke, which occurred more than a dozen years ago, his grandmother, Mrs. Josephine True, has taken a mother’s place in his heart and home.

The sympathy of the entire community will go out to the father who was parent and chum, and to the grandmother who idolized the boy she had mothered almost from childhood.” –San Bernardino County Sun

November 9, 1918: “TULE (TRUE) At Atolia Cal., November 7, 1918, Charles Browning Tule (True) of influenza-pneumonia native of California, aged 17 years.  Services will be held Monday as 10:00 a.m. at the McDonald undertaking parlors.” –San Bernardino News

November 22, 1918:  “AMORE – In San Bernardino, California, November 20, 1918, Joe Amore, age 33 years, native of Spain, resident of California for 12 years, brought in from Atolia to a local hospital on Wednesday.

The wife came into the city to make the funeral arrangements, which will be announced later.  Stephens & Son are in charge.” –San Bernardino County Sun

November 26, 1918: POST –In Atolia Cal.   November 26, 1918, Charles Post, aged 58 years, a native of Illinois, and until two years ago a resident of this   city.  Deceased was a victim of pneumonia.  The body will be brought here for interment, in charge of M. B. Shaw Company.” –San Bernardino News

January 3, 1919: “TELEPHONE MESSAGE FROM ATOLIA yesterday said that a man by the name of McIntyre had been burned to death in a fire which destroyed a cabin.  Deputy Sheriffs left for the scene.  Stephens & Son will bring the body   here.” –San Bernardino County Son

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