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Originally established as Osdick on February 14, 1922 with Peter J. Osdick as Postmaster.  The name was changed to Red Mountain on May 6 to be effective July 1, 1929.  This order was rescinded June 14, 1929.  The name was finally changed to Red Mountain,  August 24, to be effective September 14, 1929. Discontinued October 31, 1960.  Established as Rural Office December 1, 1960.  Discontinued May 18, 1990.


Roma L. Lindsay                                               December 20, 1929

Josie Netherton                                                 November 22, 1932

Leffel Netherton                                                March 18, 1933

Cora M. London                                                 April 20, 1942

E. Marie Johnson                                              February 1, 1944

Kathryn E. Minnick                                           October 26, 1945

March 26, 1922: “PETER OSDICK HAS RECEIVED his commission as postmaster of Osdick.  The building for the postoffice is now completed.  Wednesday forenoon some of the residents called on the new official and after oratory due the occasion the women sang “My Country Tis of Thee.”  Just as soon as the fixtures arrive and are installed the office will be ready for business.  Osdick is less than a half mile from all of the properties in and around the “Big Silver” and the camp at Hampton.” –Bakersfield Morning Echo

October 6, 1924: “POST OFFICE AT OSDICK LOOTED –Thieves Take $100 Cash, Ignoring Stamps and Other Valuables –Randsburg, Oct. 4—Thieves broke into the Osdick post office last night and took $100 in cash, disregarding stamps and other valueables in the building and made their escape in a Ford which they later abandoned,  stealing another car, property of Harvey Witt of this district, to complete their get away.

The Burglers made their entrance into the post office through a side window.  They ransacked the office and threw everything aside except the cash.

According to evidence found by the force that went in pursuit of the thieves, they left Osdick in an old automobile which they abandoned at the side of the road and walked into Johannesburg.  At Johannesburg they stole Mr. Witt’s Ford coupe and completed their escape.

The tracks found leaving the abandoned car gave evidence that two men took part in the robbery.  No description of the pair has been obtained as of yet.

The abandoned car was a 1915 Ford, engine number 1,070,231, plate number 99-149, it is believed that this car was stolen by the post-office burglars at some point where they stopped before coming to Osdick.

A thorough search has been made throughout the Rand district and the authorities on all sides have been notified to be on the look-out for the two men in the Ford coupe taken at Johannesburg.  Unless they again abandon the car, there is a strong chance of their capture before they get out of the desert region.” –Bakersfield Californian

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