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WINDY MILL SITE, 2011. View North, the El Paso Mtns. form the horizon. The main inclined shaft is marked by the two posts atop the dump, at upper right. - William J. Warren © 2011

April 23, 1925: “THE WINDY MINE, operated for the past few years, under lease, by Pat and Charles Fahey, will be worked on a larger scale as soon as modern methods can be installed.

Charles Fahey secured a five-year lease a few days ago and work of erecting a mill will begin very soon.  The first work of extraction of ore will come from the 100-ft. level where immense bodies of low grade ore have been encountered.

This property has been one of the steady producers in camp, and with the contemplated installation of modern milling and mining methods it will be remunerative to the operators as well as help increase the production of this camp.’  —  Randsburg Miner

WINDY MILL SITE, 2011. View East, settlement tanks in the foreground, ruins of a structure and mill tailings behind. Located beneath the main waste dump, 100 yards down slope from the main mill foundations, hidden in this view at upper right. - William J. Warren © 2011

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