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June 29, 1908: Pat Byrnes and Chris Wickert are developing their group of claims at Fremont peak and they report several rich stringers of free milling ore in their main tunnel.” – The Herald


February 10, 1923: “SOME 30 TONS from the Mason Property near Fremont Peak milled at this mill (Black Hawk).  The cleanup went well in the first four figures.” – Bakersfield Californian


February 16, 1923:  “CAPTAIN A. ROLLING, general manager of the Silver Dome, beyond Fremont Peak, was in camp Wednesday, after material and supplies for the camp.  He states that at 300 feet they struck water, and believed that t s the water level, as it comes in about as fast as they hoist it out.  Development on the 150 and 265 levels are n good ore that carry gold, lead and silver.” –Bakersfield Californian

March 24, 1923: “The Silver Dome, located about eight miles from Fremont peak, in that district, has substituted all of it’s old machinery with a most improved and complete outfit.”  Bakersfield Californian

April 17, 1923:  “MR. AND MRS. ROLLINS ARE IN FROM the Silver Dome property five miles from the Gateway gold mine/Fremont peak.  Captain Rollins states that all of the machinery has arrived on the ground and now time will be lost in having it installed on the new shaft site.  At 305 feet they have cross-cut a 12 inch vein of shipping lead-silver are.  With every prospect of all the water they want for mining and milling purposes and the showings from the grass roots there are great possibilities for a large producer and milling plant on the Silver Dome.”—Bakersfield Californian


April 2, 1923: “Tilley Rand Mining Company is the latest active operator, two truckloads of supplies have been sent out to their property near Fremont Peak.” – Bakersfield Californian
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