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August 20, 1911: “RANDSBURG RICH ORE. A ledge some 60 feet in width traced 1,500 feet to  the mother lode, plenty of water for milling, purposes land an assayer’s certificate showing that the ore runs over $91 to the ton in gold are the outstanding -facts behind the general  joyful feeling in the hearts of  A. J. Tindall, Abe Kahn and Charles Burch, principal owners* of the mine, which is located on the desert six miles east of Kelso valley, about 30 miles north of Mojave, and some 10 miles from the railroad. Tindall, Kahn, and Burch have been working the mine  about three months and have sunk three shafts, 100 feet, one 85 and another 76.  These shafts are at intervals along the ledge for 1,100 feet, and back of the last is a great porphyry dike that can be traced for miles across the country.  At the bottom of the hill where the ledge is crosscut by a gulch the miners have driven a tunnel a distance of 60 feet endwise into the ledge.—-Randsburg Miner.” –San Francisco Call

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