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Freight Wagon Headed out of Johannesburg Passing Blacksmith Shop on Broadway (Hwy. 395) Date of Photo Unknown as is the Owner of the Shop. Note Oil wagon in Front of Freight Wagon. After the Railway Arrived in Randsburg Oil Fired Boilers Made Installing Mills in the Slate and Panamint Mountains More Feasible. -- KCM


Mr. Brady started out in Garlock and  is listed in the 1902 business directory as a blacksmith in Johannesburg. By 1904 he was in partner ship with the Houser Bros. in Randsburg in the Blacksmithing business. 2


Mr. Lidy pursued his occupation as blacksmith in Johannesburg from 1900 until October of 1905 when he sold out and left for Portland Oregon. 3


Mr. Carricart was listed in the 1908 business directory as a blacksmith in Johannesburg. Recent correspondence with John Carricart’s grandson reveals that John  was in business as a blacksmith in Johannesburg in 1905.  He also resided at Junction Ranch on the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake, where he is accredited with the discovery of Little Petroglyph Canyon.  Carricutt Lake on the Navy base is named after him.

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