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J. H. Burdick

J. H. Burdick ran a boarding house in Johannesburg prior to March of 1912 when he sold out to Mrs. All and moved to Atolia to take charge of the company boarding house.  1

 Mrs. A. All –

Mrs. All bought out the interests of J. H. Burdick in a boarding house in Johannesburg in March of 1912.  The boarding house became a popular gathering place and some of the more enterprising citizens of the town under the leadership of R. E. Lamberson, leveled off the lot adjoining the boarding house for use as a croquet playing field.  The photograph shown below is a picture of a Johannesburg boarding house ran by a Mrs. Allcott.  Could Mrs. All and Mrs. Allcott be the same person?  2

Mrs. Allcott's Boarding House on Broadway (Hwy 395) -- Hadley


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