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January 30, 1900:   “The mines around Copper City, in San Bernardino County, about 25 miles east of Randsburg, are looking well. Dr. Slocum owns the Edna, about six miles from there, which shows very fine ore. The ore from this mine is not being shipped, but left on the dump, as a mill will be erected near the mine soon. Dr. Slocum’s wife accompanies him in all his prospecting trips. Thirty-eight copper claims were recently purchased near Copper City by the Union Development company of Boston. The company also owns the Lenox group of 10 gold claims 30 miles north of Johannesburg. The Lenox mine is worked steadily, one shaft being sunk over SO feet. The ore runs. $8C in free gold and a. (on lit sulphurets. The company will go ahead with their work on the copper mines as rapidly as possible, as there is plenty of capital in the company. A shaft has already been sunk over 200 feet, and the purchasers appear to be well satisfied with the property. Mr. J. G. Crowell is the superintendent, and he has sunk eight wells, one being 100 feet deep. There is plenty of water in all the wells. From one only 32 feet deep, 3000 gallons are pumped every 24 hours. These copper mines are a great benefit to Randsburg, as all the supplies come from here. A company has been organized, called the Desert Chemical Company, to operate a lixiviation process to treat ore from the above mines. Machinery for the plant has been purchased, and will be put in place in a short time. — Los Angeles Herald

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