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Tehachapi Lumber and Milling Company

January 28, 1898: “The Tehachapi Lumber and Milling and Lumber Company is also erecting a building, and will make Johannesburg their headquarters for the Rand District.” – The Herald


 Alexander N. Farris — Desert Lumber Company

Mr. Farris was the agent for the Desert Lumber Company in Johannesburg in 1898.  However, by June of 1898 he had left Johannesburg and was doing business in Randsburg as the Randsburg Lumber Company.  1

M. J. Colson 

M. J. Colson’s lumberyard 1898 -- RDM

Ledger sheets in the collection of the Rand Desert Museum, shown to the left, verify that M. J. Colson was in the wholesale and retail lumber business in Johannesburg in 1898 and 1899. The lumberyard was located on Broadway St. ( Highway 395 ) 2

Herbert Dearborn Colson

The 1900 Great Register of Voters for Kern County, Ca. and the 1900 Census both show H. D. Colson as being engaged in business in Johannesburg.  The Census shows him as a lumber dealer and he listed his occupation as merchant when he registered to vote.  In 1902 when he registered to vote he had left the lumber business and was managing a mine.  Herbert was a native of Massachusetts and was fifty-three years old in 1900.  3

 Elmer H. Mitchell

The 1924 Great Register of Voters shows that Mr. Mitchell was engaging in the lumber business in Johannesburg.

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