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March 14, 1897: “The new post office at Johannesburg will be opened tomorrow (March 12), at the hotel Saturday  Mr. Curtis’s commission as postmaster arrived a few days ago, and the mail will be the same service as Randsburg, coming here first and continuing on to Johannesburg and will be daily.”  –  Los Angeles Daily Times

March 18, 1897: “The first through mail was delivered in Johannesburg this evening, and a very complete little post office with fixtures was all ready for it, located at the corner of Panamint avenue and Rand street.”  —  Los Angeles Daily Times

October 17, 1897: “Postmaster (Randsburg) Austin Young has applied to Samuel Flint, superintendent of the railway mall service, to have the mall sent direct from trains No. 18, 19 and 20 of the Southern Pacific on train No. 34 of the Atlantic and Pacific, via Mojave to Randsburg (via Kramer), which arrangement when completed will bring more than three-quarters of Randsburg’s mail to Its destination six hours earlier than by the route it now travels.” – The Herald

January 31, 1898:  “Samuel Flint of San Francisco, an Inspector In the railway mail service, has been here and In Randsburg the past few days. As a result of his efforts, Los Angeles mail now arrives here the same day it is mailed, for which Randsburgers and Johunnesburgers tender thanks, as they are now enable to keep in dally touch with all the outside world.”– The Herald

April 9, 1898: “Huston & Arnold have secured the contract for carrying the mails between this place and Randsburg.” –The Herald

April 17, 1898: “JOHANNESBURG, April 15—This post office has been made a money order office, a fact which the people fully appreciate. It should have been n money order office six months ago. If the postmaster in charge at that time had not run it on the principle of “the people be d……..” – The Herald

Johannesburg Postmasters

Goerge H. Curtis                                                 February 10, 1897

Samuel H. Fairchild                                         February 19, 1903

Charlie J. Teagle                                                January 10, 1906

Lizzie B. Teagle                                                  September 25, 1920

Fred B. Church                                                   December 24, 1937

Louise Aiken                                                       October 23, 1942

Marie F. MacQuidday                                      February, 25, 1947

Martha E. Kelly                                                  March 15, 1954

Madeline B. Hord                                              September 6, 1957

Rena M. Baker

Betty Laskey                                                                         1960

Ruth Simpson

Helen Ford

Maggie Clark                                                        January 13, 1979

Marion Barker                                                     May 16, 1992

Becky Wood                                                          March 1996

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