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November 12, 1915: “CANTIL NOTES – The Valley Improvement Society was organized October 30 at a business and social gathering of the residents of the valley.  The purpose of the organization is to secure for the community social and educational advancement as well as post office facilities and good roads.  At the first meeting W. S. Burdick and L. H. Giddings were appointed a committee to call on the authorities at Bakersfield to arrange for the establishment of a school and road improvement.  The committee went to Bakersfield last Thursday and arranged for a school district that will include nine townships with the greater part of the population in the center.  A centrally located building in C. R. Keniston’s place will probably be used the first term commencing about the first of the new year.  The district will have to be self supporting until the first appropriation is made next summer by the county.

The matter of road improvement was taken up with Supervisor Bennett, who agreed to furnish lumber to build a bridge over the wash on the road running south from Cantil.

The first meeting of the society was held at J. N. Elliott’s home, and the next will take place at C. H. Keniston’s tomorrow night.  The meetings are held on Saturday nights every two weeks, and are occasions of enjoyment and social benefit in addition in the business consideration. ” –Mojave Press

December 3, 1915:  “VALLEY IMPROVEMENT CLUB MEETING – The good roads committee reported that the county surveyor had written that the county supervisors would allow three 5-ft culverts for the wash in the south end of the valley instead of lumber for a bridge. ” –Mojave Press

April 14, 1916:  “NEURALIA NOTES –Road work began three miles east of Neuralia last Tuesday.” –Mojave Press

April 14, 1916:  “NEURALIA NOTES –Floyd White’s mules worked the roads and Floyd worked the mules.  R. M. Morrow, Levi Giddings, and Mark White were among the force cleaning the brush. ” –Mojave Press

April 28, 1916: “NEURALIA NOTES – The road workers finished the clearing Monday.  Grading is to begin very shortly. ” –Mojave Press

April 14, 1931: “NEW HIGHWAY TO RANDSBURG JUNE 1—A new, wide oiled macadam road is being constructed to Randsburg, Kern County, advises the touring department of the National Automobile Club, from a point approximately two miles north of Red Hill, on the Owens river valley route, thence via Saltdale and Garlock Station to Randsburg.  It is planned to have this highway completed by June 1. –Bakersfield Californian

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