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September 05, 1897:  “WATER SUPPLY — Garlock has an excellent water supply, comprising about sixty wells, ranging in depth from twenty to fifty feet; also eight bored wells each from 110 to 210 feet. It is affirmed by expert water men  who have carefully investigated the subject that artesian water abounds at a depth of from 300 to 400 feet. If so, the superiority of Garlock as the principal milling point on the Mojave desert is bound to become more and more established. Besides supplying the domestic and general needs of Gariock, the present water supply furnishes 96,000 gallons every twenty-four hours for milling purposes. Moreover, about 800 barrels daily is hauled from Garlock to Randsburg and other outlying districts.” — The Herald

October 18, 1897:  “The question of sinking an artesian well in some central part of Garlock is being agitated. Such a well would furnish not only a supply for domestic purposes, but also- for fire protection.  Experts claim that from all indications a good flow could be obtained under 500 feet. Anyone who would take hold, of such an undertaking would find it a paying investment if they succeeded in obtaining a flow, which they undoubtedly would. As the boring here is comparatively easy to other sections it is estimated that the cost would be nominal.  A movement is now on foot to have local capital take hold of the enterprise. ” – The Herald

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