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April 29, 1897:  “A MINER MURDERED – THE SLAYER KILLS HIMSELF IMMEDIATELY – JOHANNESBURG, CAL., (Regular Correspondence.) On Friday a terrible tragedy occurred five miles north of Garlock, which resulted in the death of Ben and John Higglns, who, with another brother, William, were living In a tent and engaged in mining in the vicinity. A Mr. Campbell, of Oarlock, who was out looking for some stray horses, stopped at the camp for lunch. He states that the brothers were on the best of terms and seemed contented and hopeful. After he had finished lunch, and remounted his horse, he was attracted by a loud outcry and on looking back saw William Higglns running towards him and wildly gesticulating. Mr. Campbell hastened to the camp and a few feet beyond found the dead bodies of the two brothers, both were shot in the head. William said, that immediately after Mr. Campbell had left Ben seized a rifle and pistol and calling John outside ordered him to take the pistol and defend himself, throwing the weapon on the ground. The other man seemed dazed and made no movement toward picking it up. Ben then shot his brother in the head, killing him instantly and picking up the pistol shot himself. No cause has been given for the crime and the remaining brother is very reticent, claiming he knows of absolutely no quarrel or trouble that would lead up to the crime.” – The Herald

October 04, 1897:  “Q. D. Worley, one of the first residents of Garlock, died on Wednesday afternoon of typhoid fever. He was for a time employed at the Visalia Mine and Milling company’s mill.” – The Herald

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