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BLUE Claim boundaries and names are those shown by Cleveland Taylor, 1925 and Troxel & Morton, 1962.

GREEN boundaries and names are those shown by Shepard, Wheeler & Rhodes, 1898.

GOLD fills the 1908 boundaries of the Yellow Aster Mine, later enlarged.

Where claims straddle two Sections, we’ve put the text in the Section using up the most real estate.

For the purposes of organizing the mountain of information, we’ve created the Claims Category as a repository for the zillions of locations which ‘didn’t pan out’ or whose economic ore had played out before 1925.

Particularly in the beginning, many properties came under the classification of ‘Paper Claims’, held on the merest hint of color, or merely by virtue of their proximity to known producers and nuisance value .  Indeed, parcels barely large enough for an out-house produced fabulous wealth, but they were the exception, and are dumped here.

Mark Twain defined a Mine as “a hole in the ground owned by a liar.”  Where the holes are deep enough we’ve probably given it a feature article at: Randsburg>Mines.

Sorry if the organization seems confusing, kindly volunteer at the front desk to devise and implement improvements.  – WJW



1962 :  MINE IS REPORTED TO BE in Sec. 26, T29S, R40E, MDM, (1904) NOT CONFIRMED, 1957. Formerly three claims –Blue Bird, Yellow Jacket, and U. S. Ore shoots near the surface yielded a few thousand dollars in gold by 1910.  It is now probably part of the  Snowbird Claim. .´ — Mines and Minerals of Kern County California, California Division of Mines and Geology, County Report 1


January 1904: “THE AMERICAN GROUP was reported to be in Section 26, T29, R40. Near Randsburg, Developed by a 300 ft. incline shaft with 700 feet of drifts, it was owned by Jefford Brothers of Randsburg.   The mine consisted of Blue Bird, Yellow Jacket and U. S. claims.  – Aubrey

April 16, 1904: “MESSERS. WILLIAMS AND HAGLIN operating on the U. S. claim in the Stringer district has a milling this week at Snow’s.”  Randsburg Miner


Mineral Survey No. 6192, Independence Land District, claim surveyed August 30, 1936, known as Pandora, White Cloud, and White Cloud Fraction Lodes, owned by Willard W. Krom, improvements consisting of 5 shafts and l tunnel, valued at $6,640, located at T.29 S., R40 E., MDM, southeast ¼ of sec. 26.


1962: LOCATED IN NE1/4 sec. 26, T29S, R40E, MDM, Rand District, 1 mile north of Randsburg.  Three claims.  East fault zone developed by 2 inclined shafts 500 feet apart north and south, a south-driven drift-adit about 100 feet north of the south inclined shaft, and a vertical shaft about 100 feet east of the south inclined shaft .  Two inclined shafts of undetermined depth and 55 feet apart on western fault zone.  Probably some production but not recorded under present mine name. — Mines and Minerals of Kern County California, California Division of Mines and Geology, County Report 1

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