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BLUE Claim boundaries and names are those shown by Cleveland Taylor, 1925 and Troxel & Morton, 1962.

GREEN boundaries and names are those shown by Shepard, Wheeler & Rhodes, 1897.

GOLD fills the 1908 boundaries of the Yellow Aster Mine, later enlarged.

Where claims straddle two Sections, we’ve put the text in the Section using up the most real estate.

For the purposes of organizing the mountain of information, we’ve created the Claims Category as a repository for the zillions of locations which ‘didn’t pan out’ or whose economic ore had played out before 1925.

Particularly in the beginning, many properties came under the classification of ‘Paper Claims’, held on the merest hint of color, or merely by virtue of their proximity to known producers and nuisance value .  Indeed, parcels barely large enough for an out-house produced fabulous wealth, but they were the exception, and are dumped here.

Mark Twain defined a Mine as “a hole in the ground owned by a liar.”  Where the holes are deep enough we’ve probably given it a feature article at: Randsburg>Mines.

Sorry if the organization seems confusing, kindly volunteer at the front desk to devise and implement improvements.  – WJW



February 11, 1896: “MESSRS. KELLY AND DONOVAN are sinking a six-foot ledge which is close to the side line of the Trilby, and is a fine milling proposition clear across with a stratum on the hanging wall showing $2,250”  — The Californian

February 18, 1896: “MR. CHARLES KOEHN has purchased an interest in the Kelley and Donovan property at Randsburg.”  — The Californian




September 15, 1896:  “RUSTLER AND SAN DIEGO MINES (quartz).  They lie ¾ miles W. of Randsburg, at 4650’ elevation.  They are new locations on the vein of the Olympus which they adjoin.  A 60’ tunnel is run into a mass or vein of gold bearing quartz.  E. B. Maginnis et al, of Randsburg, owners.” — State Mining Bureau, Thirteenth Report of The State Mineralogist for The Two Years Ending September 15, 1896.




1962: REPORTED TO BE LOCATED at NW1/4 SE1/4 sec. 3, T30S, R40E, MDM, Rand dist., 1 ½ miles southwest of Randsburg near crest of north flank of Government Peak.  Consists of two claims; formerly Old Glory No. 1 and No. 2.  Developed by several shallow shafts, pits, and short adits, and a crosscuts adit (caved) several tens of feet long. The mine was credited with small production. .” — Mines and Minerals of Kern County California, California Division of Mines and Geology, County Report 1



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